Studies in Ethnopragmatics, Cultural Semantics, and Intercultural Communication

Meaning and Culture

  • Bert Peeters
  • Kerry Mullan
  • Lauren Sadow

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This book is the second in a three-volume set that celebrates the career and achievements of Cliff Goddard, a pioneer of the Natural Semantic Metalanguage approach in linguistics. It focuses on meaning and culture, with sections on "Words as Carriers of Cultural Meaning" and "Understanding Discourse in Cultural Context". 

Often considered the most fully developed, comprehensive and practical approach to cross-linguistic and cross-cultural semantics, Natural Semantic Metalanguage is based on evidence that there is a small core of basic, universal meanings (semantic primes) that can be expressed in all languages. It has been used for linguistic and cultural analysis in such diverse fields as semantics, cross-cultural communication, language teaching, humour studies and applied linguistics, and has reached far beyond the boundaries of linguistics into ethnopsychology, anthropology, history, political science, the medical humanities and ethics.  


Ethnopragmatics Cultural Semantics Intercultural Communication Words as Carriers of Cultural Meaning Cultural keywords Cultural semantics of katsu (活) Non-religious meanings Positive appraisal words Ethnolexicological studies Lexical semantic analysis Ghanaian English Swear words Nice words

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