Wavelet Solutions for Reaction–Diffusion Problems in Science and Engineering

  • G. Hariharan

Part of the Forum for Interdisciplinary Mathematics book series (FFIM)

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The book focuses on how to implement discrete wavelet transform methods in order to solve problems of reaction–diffusion equations and fractional-order differential equations that arise when modelling real physical phenomena. It explores the analytical and numerical approximate solutions obtained by wavelet methods for both classical and fractional-order differential equations; provides comprehensive information on the conceptual basis of wavelet theory and its applications; and strikes a sensible balance between mathematical rigour and the practical applications of wavelet theory.

The book is divided into 11 chapters, the first three of which are devoted to the mathematical foundations and basics of wavelet theory. The remaining chapters provide wavelet-based numerical methods for linear, nonlinear, and fractional reaction–diffusion problems. Given its scope and format, the book is ideally suited as a text for undergraduate and graduate students of mathematics and engineering.


Haar Wavelets Legendre Wavelets Operational Matrices Chebyshev Wavelets Differential Equations

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