Its Use in Alcohol Dependence and Other Disorders

  • Avinash De Sousa

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This book focuses on the value of supervised Disulfiram therapy, highlighting the many potential and unique benefits of Disulfiram. One of the oldest drugs available for the long-term management of alcohol dependence, Disulfiram remains a viable treatment option for alcohol dependence and has been shown in recent studies to be more successful in treating patients with alcohol dependence than Naltrexone, Topiramate and Acamprosate. It is also useful in dual diagnosis patients and those with co-morbid cocaine and alcohol dependence. Although Disulfiram’s mechanism of action in alcohol dependence was long thought to be its effects as a psychological deterrent, more recent studies point to potential anti-craving effects as well.

In dedicated chapters, the book reviews major clinical trials of Disulfiram spanning nearly 60 years, its historical aspects and discovery, side effects, treatment protocols and uses in the context of alcohol dependence. The book also discusses the use of Disulfiram across diverse populations along with monitoring for compliance and various adverse effects that may manifest. Further topics include Disulfiram implant therapy and the role of Disulfiram in the modern long-term pharmacotherapy of alcohol dependence, as well as the role of cognitive behavior therapy in enhancing the effects of Disulfiram and the emerging role of Disulfiram in treating cocaine dependence and pathological gambling. As such, the book offers a “one-stop” comprehensive guide to all aspects of Disulfiram therapy.


Substance Abuse Cocaine Dependence Gambling Relapse Abstinence Long term maintenance Addiction Medicine

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