Frontiers of Green Catalytic Selective Oxidations

  • Konstantin P. Bryliakov

Part of the Green Chemistry and Sustainable Technology book series (GCST)

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The demand for novel efficient and environmentally sustainable chemo, regio- and stereoselective catalyst systems for the oxidation of organic substrates is continuously growing in line with toughening economic and environmental constraints. This book addresses these issues; it consists of eleven chapters written by world-recognized experts in green and sustainable oxidation catalysis. The most urgent and challenging topics, in the judgment of the editor, such as green asymmetric epoxidations, sulfoxidatiuons, C–H oxidations; oxidation catalysis by polyoxometalates and oxidations in non-conventional solvents, etc. have been critically reviewed  in this book. Both fundamental aspects, such as catalysts design, catalytic properties, nature of catalytically active sites and reaction mechanisms, and practical outlook of the oxidations have been addressed by the authors. The book appeals to a broad readership, particularly graduate students, employees of universities and research organizations, and industrial researchers, particularly those working in the areas of homogeneous oxidation catalysis, asymmetric synthesis, organocatalysis, sustainable catalytic processes and green chemistry, mechanisms of catalytic reactions, synthesis of bioactive compounds, biomimetic chemistry, etc.

Konstantin Bryliakov is Leading Researcher at the Boreskov Institute of Catalysis. In 2016, he was elected Honorary Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences.


Asymmetric catalysis Homogeneous catalysis Catalytic oxidation C-H activation Green chemistry Non-conventional media Organocatalysts Polyoxometalates Reaction mechanisms Transition metal catalysts

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  • Konstantin P. Bryliakov
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  1. 1.Russian Academy of SciencesBoreskov Institute of CatalysisNovosibirskRussia

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