Principles and Applications of Up-converting Phosphor Technology

  • Ruifu Yang

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  2. Bo Qiao, Suling Zhao, Yan Zheng
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  3. Huijie Huang, Lihua Huang, Yongkai Zhao
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  4. Yanzhao Li, Ruifeng Xiao, Yong Zhao
    Pages 143-148
  5. Yanzhao Li, Honggang Zhang, Yong Zhao
    Pages 149-152
  6. Yanzhao Li, Ruifeng Xiao, Yong Zhao
    Pages 153-157
  7. Yanzhao Li, Miao Jia, Pingping Zhang
    Pages 159-165
  8. Yanzhao Li, Xingbo Ren, Hongrui Zhang, Pingping Zhang
    Pages 167-177
  9. Yanzhao Li, Xingbo Ren, Hongrui Zhang, Yong Zhao
    Pages 179-186
  10. Yanzhao Li, Xingbo Ren, Miao Jia, Yong Zhao
    Pages 187-190
  11. Yanzhao Li, Honggang Zhang, Pingping Zhang
    Pages 191-199
  12. Yanzhao Li, Yin Zhang, Pingping Zhang
    Pages 201-210

About this book


This book presents an overview of up-concerting phosphor (UCP), including UCP preparation, development of the rapid detection strips and UCP industrialization. It also discusses the wide clinical applications of this technology, such as in food poisoning, infectious diseases, drug-abuse and disaster rescue, where rapid point-of-care testing is often critical. Conventional testing methods are mainly based on gold immunochromatography, which relies heavily on results being read with the naked eye. However, up-converting phosphor technology (UPT) employs UCP particles as labels for rapid target detection. Unlike other conventional fluorescence techniques, UCP is excited by infrared light and emitted visible light. This anti-stokes phenomenon provides this special label with significant advantages, including zero background detection, high resistance to environmental influences (e.g. pH, salts, sample contamination), high sensitivity and quantitative detection.

Systematically summarizing UCP technology and its wide applications, this book is a valuable resource for researchers and technicians in the field.



Up-converting phosphor (UCP) Point-of-care testing (POCT) UCP technology (UPT) Clinical On-site detection

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