Graphene Functionalization Strategies

From Synthesis to Applications

  • Anish Khan
  • Mohammad Jawaid
  • Bernaurdshaw Neppolian
  • Abdullah M. Asiri

Part of the Carbon Nanostructures book series (CARBON)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Ankita Sinha, Dhanjai, Jiping Chen, Rajeev Jain
    Pages 49-62
  3. Martin Kássio Leme Silva, Ivana Cesarino
    Pages 157-178
  4. Miroslava Nedyalkova, Julia Romanova, Joanna Stoycheva, Sergio Madurga
    Pages 215-228
  5. Ayşenur Aygün, Esra Atalay, Shukria Yassin, Anish Khan, Fatih Şen
    Pages 229-245
  6. T. K. Henna, K. P. Nivitha, V. R. Raphey, Chinnu Sabu, K. Pramod
    Pages 247-278
  7. Mehmet Gülcan, Ayşenur Aygün, Fatıma Almousa, Hakan Burhan, Anish Khan, Fatih Şen
    Pages 313-333
  8. Xin Tong, G. Zhang, Jai Prakash, Shuhui Sun
    Pages 363-388
  9. Esra Kuyuldar, Hakan Burhan, Aysun Şavk, Buse Güven, Ceren Özdemir, Sultan Şahin et al.
    Pages 389-398

About this book


This book discusses various aspects of graphene fictionalization strategies from inorganic oxides and organic moieties including preparation, design, and characterization of functionalization material and its applications. Including illustrations and tables summarizing the latest research on manufacturing, design, characterization and applications of graphene functionalization, it describes graphene functionalization using different techniques and materials and highlights the latest technologies in the field of manufacturing and design. This book is a valuable reference resource for lecturers, students, researchers and industrialists working in the field of material science, especially polymer composites.


Nanobiocomposite graphene oxide melamine sponge nanoporous graphene Graphene-polyethylene nanocomposites Graphene Surface penta graphene Reversible osmosis of metal ions Organoamine-Functionalized Graphene Oxide Cu diped amine functionalized graphene oxide

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