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A Parametric Framework for Modelling of Bioelectrical Signals

  • Presents non-invasive electrical-based methods for the diagnosis of the heart function modelling the measure signal

  • Offers a framework to guide the modelling of the impedance cardiography and impedance respirography signals

  • Gives freedom to the end-user to control the essential properties of the generated electrical bioimpedance signals depending on his/her needs


Part of the Series in BioEngineering book series (SERBIOENG)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Yar M. Mughal (Yar Muhammad)
    Pages 1-8
  3. Yar M. Mughal (Yar Muhammad)
    Pages 53-76
  4. Yar M. Mughal (Yar Muhammad)
    Pages 77-80
  5. Back Matter
    Pages 81-81

About this book


This book examines non-invasive, electrical-based methods for disease diagnosis and assessment of heart function. In particular, a formalized signal model is proposed since this offers several advantages over methods that rely on measured data alone. By using a formalized representation, the parameters of the signal model can be easily manipulated and/or modified, thus providing mechanisms that allow researchers to reproduce and control such signals. In addition, having such a formalized signal model makes it possible to develop computer tools that can be used for manipulating and understanding how signal changes result from various heart conditions, as well as for generating input signals for experimenting with and evaluating the performance of e.g. signal extraction methods. The work focuses on bioelectrical information, particularly electrical bio-impedance (EBI). Once the EBI has been measured, the corresponding signals have to be modelled for analysis. This requires a structured approach in order to move from real measured data to the model of the corresponding signals. This book proposes a generic framework for this procedure. It can be used as a guide for modelling impedance cardiography (ICG) and impedance respirography (IRG) signals, as well as for developing the corresponding bio-impedance signal simulator (BISS).


Bio-Impedance Signal Simulator (BISS) Eectrical bioimpedance (EBI) impedance cardiography (ICG) impedance respirography (IRG) Cardiovascular Simulator (CVS) Transthoracic Electrical Bioimpedance Spectroscopy

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  1. 1.Tallinn University of TechnologyThomas Johann Seebeck Department of Electronics, Faculty of Information TechnologyTallinnEstonia

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