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Frequency Selective Surfaces based High Performance Microstrip Antenna

  • Presents a novel approach to enhance the radiation characteristics of planar antennas using FSS technology

  • Systematic design and analysis of FSS based antenna structure will help reader to understand the approach

  • Includes detailed formulations of the proposed equivalent circuit approach and its validation with reported results. The computed results are explained with sufficient illustrations


Part of the SpringerBriefs in Electrical and Computer Engineering book series (BRIEFSELECTRIC)

Also part of the SpringerBriefs in Computational Electromagnetics book sub series (BRIEFSCE)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiii
  2. Shiv Narayan, B. Sangeetha, Rakesh Mohan Jha
    Pages 1-40
  3. Back Matter
    Pages 41-45

About this book


This book focuses on performance enhancement of printed antennas using frequency selective surfaces (FSS) technology. The growing demand of stealth technology in strategic areas requires high-performance low-RCS (radar cross section) antennas. Such requirements may be accomplished by incorporating FSS into the antenna structure either in its ground plane or as the superstrate, due to the filter characteristics of FSS structure. In view of this, a novel approach based on FSS technology is presented in this book to enhance the performance of printed antennas including out-of-band structural RCS reduction. In this endeavor, the EM design of microstrip patch antennas (MPA) loaded with FSS-based (i) high impedance surface (HIS) ground plane, and (ii) the superstrates are discussed in detail. The EM analysis of proposed FSS-based antenna structures have been carried out using transmission line analogy, in combination with the reciprocity theorem. Further, various types of novel FSS structures are considered in designing the HIS ground plane and superstrate for enhancing the MPA bandwidth and directivity. The EM design and performance analyses of FSS-based antennas are explained here with the appropriate expressions and illustrations.


Equivalent circuit model Frequency selective surface High impedance surface Microstrip antenna Superstrate antenna

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  1. 1.Centre for ElectromagneticsCSIR-National Aerospace LaboratoriesBangaloreIndia
  2. 2.Centre for ElectromagneticsCSIR-National Aerospace LaboratoriesBangaloreIndia
  3. 3.Centre for ElectromagneticsCSIR-National Aerospace LaboratoriesBangaloreIndia

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