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Environmental Management in China

Policies and Institutions


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About this book


This book details various stages in the introduction, establishment and evolution of China’s environmental management system. By combining a literature review, comparative analysis, and case study, it investigates the environmental management system in several key periods in order to systematically assess the necessary measures and appropriate adjustments the Chinese Government implemented to reconcile the growing conflicts between economic development and resources conservation, in the context of rapid economic growth and economic transformation. Given its scope, the book offers a valuable resource for experts, scholars, and government officials in related fields. 


Environmental management Environmental policy Sustainable development Pollution prevention and control Environmental governance

Authors and affiliations

  1. 1.College of Environmental Science and EngineeringNankai UniversityTianjinChina
  2. 2.School of Ecology and EnvironmentInner Mongolia UniversityHuhhotChina

About the authors

Prof. Jing WU works at College of Environmental Science and Engineering, Nankai University. She serves as the Deputy Director of Environmental and Social Development Research Centre at Nankai University, and the Deputy Secretary General of Ecological Civilization Education Branch of China Higher Education Association. She is a Registered Environmental Impact Assessment Engineer and holds the Law Occupation Qualification Certificate. Her research interests include environmental policy, environmental law, and environmental impact assessment, with specialty in evaluating the effectiveness of environmental policies and public participation, assessing the ecological and environmental damage, and appraising the potential of unconventional energy. She has extensive experience in education and training for sustainable development and environmental management. Since 2000, she has been participating in various consulting projects supported by the World Bank.

Prof. I-Shin CHANG works at School of Ecology and Environment, Inner Mongolia University, China. He has more than 20 years of work experience in private sector at different positions within various countries/regions, such as the USA and China. He is a multi-disciplined and cross-culturally trained Professional with practical experience in environmental science and engineering, and integrated experience on company management, business development, product sales and project, engineering and site management. His research interests include Regional Sustainable Development, Environmental Planning and Management, Environmental Assessment (EIA and SEA), Ecological Compensation Mechanisms, Cleaner Production, Low Carbon Economy, and Circular Economy.

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