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Advances in Materials Processing

Select Proceedings of ICFMMP 2019

  • Sunpreet Singh
  • Chander Prakash
  • Seeram Ramakrishna
  • Grzegorz Krolczyk
Conference proceedings

Part of the Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering book series (LNME)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Tipu, Ramesh Kumar Garg, Amit Goyal
    Pages 1-12
  3. Harjit Singh, Prashant Kulbushan Rana, Jasvinder Singh, Sunpreet Singh, Chander Prakash, Grzegorz Królczyk
    Pages 13-20
  4. Vipin Handa, Parveen Goyal, Rajesh Kumar
    Pages 21-29
  5. Gurpreet Singh, Vivek Aggarwal, Jujhar Singh, Amoljit Singh Gill, Shubham Sharma
    Pages 31-42
  6. Chetan Tembhurkar, Ravinder Kataria, Sachin Ambade, Jagesvar Verma
    Pages 59-65
  7. Vandana V. Iragar, Shailashree Mendon, Shraddha Acharya, Sujaya, Sujana, V. Anjana Pai et al.
    Pages 67-75
  8. Nalin Somani, Kamal Kumar, Nitin Gupta
    Pages 77-90
  9. Kanishka Jha, Syam Kumar Degala, Akeshawar Singh Yadav
    Pages 91-100
  10. Gurbhej Singh, Hitesh Vasudev, Hitesh Arora
    Pages 101-111
  11. Yogita Sharma, Hitesh Vasudev
    Pages 123-129
  12. S. N. Waghmare, S. D. Shelare, C. K. Tembhurkar, S. B. Jawalekar
    Pages 131-138
  13. Vipin Kumar Sharma, Vinayak Goel, Mudit Shukla
    Pages 153-163
  14. Vishal Sharma, Sharanjit Singh
    Pages 165-173
  15. V. R. Reghu, Souvik Ghosh, Akhil Prabhu, V. Shankar, Parvati Ramaswamy
    Pages 175-183
  16. Manjeet Kumar, Rajesh Kumar, Sandeep Kumar
    Pages 185-195

About these proceedings


This book presents the select proceedings of the International Conference on Functional Material, Manufacturing and Performances (ICFMMP) 2019. The book primarily covers recent research, theories, and practices relevant to surface engineering and processing of materials. It focuses on the lesser-known technologies and advanced manufacturing methods which may not be standardized yet but are highly beneficial to material and manufacturing industrial engineers. The book includes current advances in the field of coating, deposition, cladding, nanotechnology, surface finishing, precision machining, processing, and emerging advanced manufacturing technologies which enhance the performance of materials in terms of corrosion, wear and fatigue. The book can be a valuable reference for beginners, researchers, and professionals interested in materials processing and allied fields.


Conventional and Non-Conventional Machining Sustainable and Green Manufacturing Micro Machining Additive Manufacturing Biomanufacturing Surface Engineering Coatings/Deposition Microwave Spark Plasma Laser Processing ICFMMP 2019

Editors and affiliations

  1. 1.Centre for Nanofibers and NanotechnologyNational University of SingaporeSingaporeSingapore
  2. 2.School of Mechanical EngineeringLovely Professional UniversityPhagwaraIndia
  3. 3.Centre for Nanofibers and NanotechnologyNational University of SingaporeSingaporeSingapore
  4. 4.Mechanical EngineeringOpole University of TechnologyOpolePoland

About the editors

Dr. Sunpreet Singh is researcher in NUS Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Initiative (NUSNNI). He has received Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering from Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana, India. His area of research is additive manufacturing and application of 3D printing for development of new biomaterials for clinical applications. He has contributed extensively in additive manufacturing literature with publications appearing in Journal of Manufacturing Processes, Composite Part: B, Rapid Prototyping Journal, Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, Measurement, International Journal of Advance Manufacturing Technology, and Journal of Cleaner Production. He has authored 10 book chapters and monographs. He is working in joint collaboration with Prof. Seeram Ramakrishna, NUS Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Initiative and Prof. Rupinder Singh, manufacturing research lab, GNDEC, Ludhiana. He is also editor of 3 books- "Current Trends in Bio-manufacturing", “3D Printing in Biomedical Engineering”, and "Biomaterials in Orthopaedics and Bone Regeneration - Design and Synthesis". He is also guest editor of 3 journals- special issue of “Functional Materials and Advanced Manufacturing”, Facta Universitatis, series: Mechanical Engineering (Scopus Indexed), Materials Science Forum (Scopus Indexed), and special issue on “Metrology in Materials and Advanced Manufacturing”, Measurement and Control (SCI indexed). 

Dr. Chander Prakash is Associate Professor in the School of Mechanical Engineering, Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar, India. He has received Ph.D in mechanical engineering from Panjab University, Chandigarh, India. His areas of research are biomaterials, rapid prototyping & 3-D printing, advanced manufacturing, modeling, simulation, and optimization. He has more than 11 years of teaching experience and 6 years of research experience. He has contributed extensively to the world in the titanium and magnesium based implant literature with publications appearing in Surface and Coating Technology, Materials and Manufacturing Processes, Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Letters, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture. He has authored 60 research papers and 10 book chapters. He is also editor of 3 books: "Current Trends in Bio-manufacturing"; “3D Printing in Biomedical Engineering”;  and "Biomaterials in Orthopaedics and Bone Regeneration - Design and Synthesis". He is also guest editor of 3 journals: special issue of “Functional Materials and Advanced Manufacturing”, Facta Universitatis, Series: Mechanical Engineering (Scopus Indexed), Materials Science Forum (Scopus Indexed), and special issue on “Metrology in Materials and Advanced Manufacturing”, Measurement and Control (SCI indexed).

Prof. Seeram Ramakrishna is Co-Director, NUS Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Initiative (NUSNNI). He has received Ph.D form University of Cambridge. He is a global leader in electrospinning and nanostructured materials. Since 2001, Seeram’s team has contributed significantly to the scientific knowledge in basic research, advances in the process and the applications of Nanofibers. His research resulted in ~ 1,000 peer reviewed articles with ~ 70,000 citations and ~ 120 H-index. He has authored 5 books and ~25 book chapters. He has been recognized as a Highly Cited Researcher in Materials Science ( for the past four years. Thomson Reuters listed him among the Most Influential Scientific Minds in the World. He has served as NUS vice-president (research strategy), dean of Faculty of Engineering, founding director of NUSNNI, and Bioengineering, founding chair of Global Engineering Deans Council, vice-president of International Federation of Engineering Education Societies, board member of Asia Society for Innovation & Policy. EC/FP7 report lists him among the top four researchers of Singapore. He is recognized as world’s number one in nanofiber technologies. He also generated intellectual property in the form of 20 patents, and licensed technologies to industry and start-ups.  He mentors Singapore based start-ups namely-Biomers International, Insight Bio Ventures, ceEntek, Hyperion Core and Everest Capital.  Moreover he works with companies such as HP, Schlumberger, BASF, Interplex, GE, Mann Hummel, Kaneka, Mitsubishi, Toray, Unitex, GSK, AMT, etc. for value capture in Singapore.

Prof. Grzegorz Krolczyk is Professor in the Opole University of Technology. He is an originator and a Project Manager of OUTech’s new Surface Integrity Laboratory. In his career he has held positions such as: head of unit design and technology, product engineer, production manager, product development engineer and production director. He is the co-author and project leader of a project Innovative, energy-efficient diaphragm flow device of a new generation. He is connected with the mechanical industry, where he managed teams from a few to over a hundred people. His industrial engineering experience was gained while working in a European holding company involved in machining of construction materials and plastic injection, where he was responsible for contacts with companies on technical issues such as quotation and implementation of new products. In professional career he was responsible from the implementation to production of products such as peristaltic pumps, ecological sprayers to spray organic pesticides and many pressure equipment operating e.g. in chemical plants. As a production manager, he was responsible from implementation to production and launching the assembly line for innovative sprayer ultra-low volume spraying system. He is author and co-author of over 80 scientific publications and nearly 20 studies and implementation of industry. The main directions of scientific activity are surface metrology, optimization of geometrical and physical parameters of surface integrity, optimization of production and cutting tool wear analysis in dry machining process of difficult-to-cut materials. He is also editor of various journals and books.

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