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Bioinspired Biomaterials

Advances in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

  • Heung Jae Chun
  • Rui L. Reis
  • Antonella Motta
  • Gilson Khang
  • Describes key advances in the development of bioinspired biomaterials for use in regenerative medicine

  • Discusses novel biomaterials and hydrogels

  • Addresses the regulation of stem cell fate by biomaterials

  • Examines cutting-edge enabling technology


Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 1249)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Novel Bioinspired Biomaterials for Regenerative Medicine

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Hunhwi Cho, Alessio Bucciarelli, Wonkyung Kim, Yongwoon Jeong, Namyeong Kim, Junjae Jung et al.
      Pages 3-14
    3. Joo Hee Choi, Wonchan Lee, Cheolui Song, Byung Kwan Moon, Sun-jung Yoon, Nuno M. Neves et al.
      Pages 15-37
    4. Yuejiao Yang, Jie Chen, Claudio Migliaresi, Antonella Motta
      Pages 39-49
  3. Bioinspired 3D Bioprinting Hydrogel for Regenerative Medicine

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 51-51
    2. Soon Hee Kim, Do Yeon Kim, Tae Hyeon Lim, Chan Hum Park
      Pages 53-66
    3. Murat Taner Vurat, Can Ergun, Ayşe Eser Elçin, Yaşar Murat Elçin
      Pages 67-84
  4. Regulation of Stem Cell Fate by Bioinspired Biomaterials

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 95-95
    2. Munirah Sha’ban, Muhammad Aa’zamuddin Ahmad Radzi
      Pages 97-114
    3. Sung-Won Kim, Gwang-Bum Im, Yu-Jin Kim, Yeong Hwan Kim, Tae-Jin Lee, Suk Ho Bhang
      Pages 115-130
    4. Young Min Shin, Hee Seok Yang, Heung Jae Chun
      Pages 131-140
  5. Cutting-Edge Enabling Technology for Regenerative Medicine

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 141-141
    2. Md. Asadujjaman, Dong-Jin Jang, Kwan Hyung Cho, Seung Rim Hwang, Jun-Pil Jee
      Pages 143-160
    3. Cristiana R. Carvalho, Rui L. Reis, Joaquim M. Oliveira
      Pages 173-201
    4. Hae Hyun Hwang, Dong Yun Lee
      Pages 203-221
    5. I-Chun Chen, Jiashing Yu
      Pages 223-229
  6. Soon Hee Kim, Do Yeon Kim, Tae Hyeon Lim, Chan Hum Park
    Pages C1-C1

About this book


This book is the first of two volumes that together offer a comprehensive account of cutting-edge advances in the development of biomaterials for use within tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Topics addressed in this volume, which is devoted to bioinspired biomaterials, range from novel biomaterials for regenerative medicine through to emerging enabling technologies with applications in, for example, drug delivery, maternal–fetal medicine, peripheral nerve repair and regeneration, and brain tumor therapy. New bioinspired hydrogels receive detailed attention in the book, and a further focus is the use of bioinspired biomaterials in the regulation of stem cell fate. Here the coverage includes the role of scaffolds in cartilage regeneration, the bioapplication of inorganic nanomaterials in tissue engineering, and guidance of cell migration to improve tissue regeneration. The authors are recognized experts in the interdisciplinary field of regenerative medicine and the book will be of value for all with an interest in regenerative medicine based on biomaterials. 


Biomaterials Regenerative medicine Drug delivery Tissue Engineering Hydrogel Stem cell Nano-Intelligent Biocomposites

Editors and affiliations

  • Heung Jae Chun
    • 1
  • Rui L. Reis
    • 2
  • Antonella Motta
    • 3
  • Gilson Khang
    • 4
  1. 1.Institute of Cell & Tissue Engineering and College of MedicineCatholic University of KoreaSeoulKorea (Republic of)
  2. 2.3B’s Research Group, I3Bs – Research Institute on Biomaterials, Biodegradables and Biomimetics, Headquarters of the European Institute of Excellence on Tissue Engineering and Regenerative MedicineUniversity of MinhoGuimarãesPortugal
  3. 3.Department of Industrial Engineering and BIOtech Research CenterUniversity of TrentoTrentoItaly
  4. 4.Department of BIN Convergence Technology, Department of Polymer Nano Science & Technology and Polymer BIN Research CenterJeonbuk National UniversityJeonjuKorea (Republic of)

About the editors

Heung Jae Chun, Professor, Institute of Cell & Tissue Engineering, Department of Biomedical Sciences, The Catholic University of Korea, Republic of Korea

Rui Reis, Professor, University of Minho, Portugal

Antonella Motta, Professor, University Trento, Department of Industrial Engineering, BIOtech Research Center, Trento, Italy

Gilson Khang, Professor, Department of BIN Fusion Technology, Chonbuk National University, Republic of Korea

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