Genome and Genomics

From Archaea to Eukaryotes

  • K. V. Chaitanya

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About this book


This book provides a detailed and  up-to-dated information on the genomes belonging to three major life forms on Earth – archaea, prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Each section describes about the genome of a specific group of organisms, such as viruses, archaea, bacteria, eukaryotes and organellar genomes. Individual chapters provide details of their organization, structure, evolution, sequencing strategies and functions. Further, this book discusses the technologies that are applied for genome sequencing; assembly, annotation and gene prediction. Other topics include the genomes of important model organisms, mitochondria genome of Neanderthal fossil, etc.  This book also examines the evolution of chloroplast and mitochondria genomes by comparing with bacteria, addresses the diseases that occur in humans due to the mutations in mitochondrial genome, gene therapy and engineering of chloroplast and mitochondrial genomes. Lastly, it features an overview of the role of proteomics, exposomics, connectomics, metabolomics, and microbiomics.

This book is a fascinating read for students, lecturers and researchers in the field of genetics, genomics, microbiology and life sciences.  


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