Forgotten Communities of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh

A Story of De-notified Tribes

  • Vijay¬†Korra

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The book discusses the socio-cultural-historical, occupational, educational, employment and discriminatory status of one of the most neglected and marginalised communities: the de-notified tribes or ex-criminal tribes of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Based on primary data collected from 14 communities in 11 districts in these states, it discusses the current state of affairs concerning de-notified tribes. There is no accurate and comprehensive information available on the present socio-economic status of these communities, either in the literature or with government agencies. This book provides valuable information on how they are faring in post-independence India since their de-notification from the Criminal Tribes Act, 1871.


De-notified Tribes Criminal Tribes Act Nomadic Tribes Semi-nomadic Tribes Backwardness Upliftment Discrimination

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  • Vijay¬†Korra
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