The Economy of Chinese Rural Households

  • Wenrong Qian

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About this book


This book provides a broad survey of Chinese rural households at a time of rapid change in China’s rural economy, examining the dual identity of households as consumers as well as producers of goods in terms of supply and demand. Based on the results of the China Rural Household Panel Survey (CRHPS) by Zhejiang University, this book analyzes four types of economic activities of rural households in China, particularly considering changes at the micro level. It examines how households strive to maximize family efficacy through input-output production decision-making in allocating limited resources. Examining data pertaining to agricultural production, land exploitation, migration and nationalization, as well as changes in economic behavior, this book offers a snapshot of the current situation of rural households in China and suggestions to improve living standards and related policies.


Chinese Rural Society and Economy China Rural Household Panel Survey Agricultural Production in China Chinese Households and Land Exploitation Rural Households and Living Standards in China

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