Deep Reinforcement Learning

Frontiers of Artificial Intelligence

  • Mohit Sewak

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About this book


This book starts by presenting the basics of reinforcement learning using highly intuitive and easy-to-understand examples and applications, and then introduces the cutting-edge research advances that make reinforcement learning capable of out-performing most state-of-art systems, and even humans in a number of applications. The book not only equips readers with an understanding of multiple advanced and innovative algorithms, but also prepares them to implement systems such as those created by Google Deep Mind in actual code.

 This book is intended for readers who want to both understand and apply advanced concepts in a field that combines the best of two worlds – deep learning and reinforcement learning – to tap the potential of ‘advanced artificial intelligence’ for creating real-world applications and game-winning algorithms.


Reinforcement Learning Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence Deep Q Learning A3C Actor-Critic Deep Mind AI Agents Alpha-Go Attention Mechanism Temporal Difference Learning TD Lambda SARSA Hard Attention Recurrent Attention Model Dynamic Programming Monte Carlo

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