Operating Systems for Supercomputers and High Performance Computing

  • Balazs Gerofi
  • Yutaka Ishikawa
  • Rolf Riesen
  • Robert W. Wisniewski

Part of the High-Performance Computing Series book series (HPC, volume 1)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxix
  2. Introduction

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Balazs Gerofi, Yutaka Ishikawa, Rolf Riesen, Robert W. Wisniewski
      Pages 3-15
  3. Lightweight Kernels

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 17-17
    2. Rolf Riesen, Balazs Gerofi, Yutaka Ishikawa, Robert W. Wisniewski
      Pages 19-21
    3. Ron Brightwell, Kurt Ferreira, Arthur B. Maccabe, Kevin Pedretti, Rolf Riesen
      Pages 23-46
    4. Masaaki Shimizu
      Pages 47-70
    5. Thomas Gooding, Bryan Rosenburg, Mark Giampapa, Todd Inglett, Robert W. Wisniewski
      Pages 71-91
  4. Unix/Linux Based Systems

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 93-93
    2. Rolf Riesen, Balazs Gerofi, Yutaka Ishikawa, Robert W. Wisniewski
      Pages 95-98
    3. Larry Kaplan, Jim Harrell
      Pages 99-120
    4. Atsushi Hori, Hiroshi Tezuka, Shinji Sumimoto, Toshiyuki Takahashi, Hiroshi Harada, Mitsuhisa Sato et al.
      Pages 121-138
    5. Teruyuki Imai
      Pages 139-160
    6. Kamil Iskra, Kazutomo Yoshii, Pete Beckman
      Pages 161-181
    7. Takeharu Kato, Kouichi Hirai
      Pages 183-197
    8. Swann Perarnau, Brian C. Van Essen, Roberto Gioiosa, Kamil Iskra, Maya B. Gokhale, Kazutomo Yoshii et al.
      Pages 199-220
  5. Multi-kernels

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 221-221
    2. Rolf Riesen, Balazs Gerofi, Yutaka Ishikawa, Robert W. Wisniewski
      Pages 223-226
    3. Yoonho Park, Bryan Rosenburg, Robert W. Wisniewski
      Pages 227-239
    4. Brian Kocoloski, John Lange, Kevin Pedretti, Ron Brightwell
      Pages 241-267
    5. NIX
      Ron Minnich
      Pages 269-290
    6. Balazs Gerofi, Masamichi Takagi, Yutaka Ishikawa
      Pages 291-306
    7. Rolf Riesen, Robert W. Wisniewski
      Pages 307-334
    8. Carsten Weinhold, Adam Lackorzynski, Hermann Härtig
      Pages 335-357
    9. Stefan Lankes, Simon Pickartz, Jens Breibart
      Pages 359-374
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 375-400

About this book


Few works are as timely and critical to the advancement of high performance computing than is this new up-to-date treatise on leading-edge directions of operating systems. It is a first-hand product of many of the leaders in this rapidly evolving field and possibly the most comprehensive.

This new and important book masterfully presents the major alternative concepts driving the future of operating system design for high performance computing. In particular, it describes the major advances of monolithic operating systems such as Linux and Unix that dominate the TOP500 list. It also presents the state of the art in lightweight kernels that exhibit high efficiency and scalability at the loss of generality. Finally, this work looks forward to possibly the most promising strategy of a hybrid structure combining full service functionality with lightweight kernel operation. With this, it is likely that this new work will find its way on the shelves of almost everyone who is in any way engaged in the multi-discipline of high performance computing.

(From the foreword by Thomas Sterling)


Operating systems High performance computing Parallel and distributed computing Supercomputers Scalability

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  • Balazs Gerofi
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  • Yutaka Ishikawa
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  • Rolf Riesen
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  • Robert W. Wisniewski
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  3. 3.Intel Corp.OregonUSA
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