Mycorrhizosphere and Pedogenesis

  • Ajit Varma
  • Devendra K. Choudhary

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Viabhav K. Upadhayay, Jyoti Singh, Amir Khan, Swati Lohani, Ajay Veer Singh
    Pages 1-24
  3. N. Kaviya, Viabhav K. Upadhayay, Jyoti Singh, Amir Khan, Manisha Panwar, Ajay Veer Singh
    Pages 25-52
  4. Awadhesh Kumar Shukla, Amit Kishore Singh, Anjney Sharma
    Pages 53-59
  5. Demet Altındal, Nüket Altındal
    Pages 61-72
  6. Antra Chatterjee, Shbbir R. Khan, Huma Vaseem
    Pages 73-93
  7. R. Koshila Ravi, S. Anusuya, M. Balachandar, S. Yuvarani, K. Nagaraj, T. Muthukumar
    Pages 111-137
  8. Narendra Kumar, Saurabh Gangola, Pankaj Bhatt, Neha Jeena, Rowndel Khwairakpam
    Pages 139-150
  9. Palika Sharma, Gaurav Bhakri
    Pages 167-179
  10. Pankaj Bhatt, Divya Joshi, Nitin Kumar, Narendra Kumar
    Pages 181-190
  11. Prachi Bhargava, Siddharth Vats, Neeraj Gupta
    Pages 207-219
  12. Sanjukta Dey, Rabindranath Bhattacharyya
    Pages 275-296
  13. Ratul Moni Ram, Prakash Jyoti Kalita, Rahul Singh Rajput, H. B. Singh
    Pages 297-320
  14. Biplab Dash, Ravindra Soni, Vinay Kumar, Deep Chandra Suyal, Diptimayee Dash, Reeta Goel
    Pages 321-338
  15. Monika, S. Devi, S. S. Arya, N. Kumar, S. Kumar
    Pages 339-353
  16. Deep Chandra Suyal, Divya Joshi, Prasen Debbarma, Ravindra Soni, Biplab Das, Reeta Goel
    Pages 355-362
  17. R. Koshila Ravi, S. Anusuya, M. Balachandar, T. Muthukumar
    Pages 363-382
  18. Kalaivani Nadarajah, Ilakiya Sharanee Kumar
    Pages 401-420

About this book


The present book highlights importance of mycorrhiza in soil genesis wherein it reflects mycorrhizal occurrence and diversity, various tools to characterize them and its impact on soil formation/health together with crop productivity. The edited compendium provides glimpses on the mycorrhizal fungi and their prominent role in nutrient transfer into host plants, and presenting view on application of mycorrhiza for crop biofortification. It focuses on the mechanisms involve in weathering process employed by mycorrhiza with highlighting the current and advanced molecular approaches for studying mycorrhizal diversity. Further, book emphasizes following aspects in details: significance of AMF in phytoremediation of hydrocarbon contaminated sites, the role of mycorrhiza in soil genesis using scientometric approach, the concept of mycorrhizosphere, xenobiotic metabolism, molecular approaches for detoxifying the organic xenobiotics and the role of mycorrhizosphere in stabilizing the environment in an eco-friendly way. In addition, the book will be benign to researchers that involved in mycorrhiza characterization especially by deploying metagenomics/PCR based and non PCR based molecular techniques that may be utilized to study the microbial diversity and structure within the mycorrhizosphere.


Microbial ecology Microbe-microbe interaction soil formation Plant growth-promoting microorganisms Sustainable agriculture Soil Fertility Soil Sciences Nutrient Replenishment

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  • Ajit Varma
    • 1
  • Devendra K. Choudhary
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  1. 1.Amity Institute of Microbial TechnologyAmity UniversityNoidaIndia
  2. 2.Amity Institute of Microbial TechnologyAmity UniversityNoidaIndia

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