Brassinosteroids: Plant Growth and Development

  • Shamsul Hayat
  • Mohammad Yusuf
  • Renu Bhardwaj
  • Andrzej Bajguz

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Serap Sağlam Çağ
    Pages 169-184
  3. Husna Siddiqui, Fareen Sami, Mohammad Faizan, Ahmad Faraz, Shamsul Hayat
    Pages 185-217
  4. Hadi Waisi, Bogdan Nikolic, Bojan Jankovic
    Pages 251-295
  5. Husna Siddiqui, Fareen Sami, H. F. Juan, Shamsul Hayat
    Pages 297-322
  6. Mohammad Yusuf, Qazi Fariduddin, Tanveer Alam Khan, Mohammad Faizan, Ahmad Faraz
    Pages 323-348
  7. Sukhmeen Kaur Kohli, Shagun Bali, Kanika Khanna, Palak Bakshi, Pooja Sharma, Anket Sharma et al.
    Pages 367-388
  8. Olesya V. Panibrat, Vladimir N. Zhabinskii, Vladimir A. Khripach
    Pages 389-406
  9. Puja Ohri, Renu Bhardwaj, Ravinderjit Kaur, Shivam Jasrotia, Ripu Daman Parihar, Anjali Khajuria et al.
    Pages 425-441

About this book


The entire range of the developmental process in plants is regulated by a shift in the hormonal concentration, tissue sensitivity and their interaction with the factors operating around the plants. Phytohormones play a crucial role in regulating the direction of plant in a coordinated fashion in association with metabolism that provides energy and the building blocks to generate the form that we recognize as a plant. Out of the recognized hormones, attention has largely been focused on Auxins, Gibberellins, Cytokinins, Abscisic acid, Ethylene and more recently on Brassinosteroids. In this book we are providing the information about a brassinosteroids that again confirm its status as phytohormones because it has significant impact on various aspects of the plant life and its ubiquitous distribution throughout the plant kingdom. Brassinosteroids are generating a significant impact on plant growth and development, photosynthesis, transpiration, ion uptake and transport, induces specific changes in leaf anatomy and chloroplast structure.

This book is not an encyclopedia of reviews but includes a selected collection of newly written, integrated, illustrated reviews describing our knowledge of brassinosteroids. The aim of this book is to tell all about brassinosteroids, by the present time. The various chapters incorporate both theoretical and practical aspects and may serve as baseline information for future researches through which significant development is possible. It is intended that this book will be useful to the students, teachers and researchers, both in universities and research institutes, especially in relation to biological and agricultural sciences.     


Photosynthesis Horticultural crops Fruit Development Phytohormones Distribution

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