British Romanticism in Asia

The Reception, Translation, and Transformation of Romantic Literature in India and East Asia

  • Alex Watson
  • Laurence Williams

Part of the Asia-Pacific and Literature in English book series (APLE)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xx
  2. Romanticism in Asia: Cross-Cultural Networks

  3. Colonialism and Resistance

  4. Nature, Aesthetics, and Translation

  5. Bodies and the Cosmos

  6. Afterword

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 385-385
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 395-414

About this book


This book examines the reception of British Romanticism in India and East Asia (including Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan). Building on recent scholarship on 'Global Romanticism', this book develops a model for a more reciprocal and cross-cultural model of scholarship, in which 'Asian Romanticism' is recognised as an important part of the Romantic literary tradition.  It explores the connections between canonical British Romantic authors (including Austen, Blake, Byron, Shelley, and Wordsworth) and prominent Asian writers (including Nehru, Ōe, Sōseki, Tagore and Zhimo). In addition, this study challenges Eurocentric assumptions about literary reception and periodisation, focusing on how, from the early nineteenth century, British Romanticism was creatively adapted and transformed by writers in a number of Asian nations.


Modernity, Tradition, and Transformation in Romantic Literature British Literature in Asia Western Romantic Ideas of Individuality, Affect, Modernity British Colonialism and Literature in Asia Asian Romanticism and the Romantic Literary Tradition Eurocentrism and Literary Reception

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  • Alex Watson
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  • Laurence Williams
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  2. 2.Sophia UniversityTokyoJapan

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