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Constructivism and Teachers in Chinese Culture

Enriching Confucianism with Constructivism


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This book provides a refreshing look at kindergarten teachers’ practical knowledge and their context-specific reasoning of the usefulness of constructivism from a culturally emic perspective. Examining the similarities and differences between constructivism and Confucianism from both instructional and moral perspectives, it provides a unique contribution to teaching and teacher education. An understanding of the compatibility between constructivism and Confucianism is valuable in cross-cultural exchange and learning, and as such the book is a great source for educational researchers in a time of globalization.


Constructivism and Confucianism Early Childhood Teacher Education Chinese Culture Emic Perspective Active Learning Heuristic Teaching Sociomoral Atmosphere Chinese Hermeneutics

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  1. 1.Indiana University BloomingtonBloomingtonUSA

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Zitong Wei received her Ph.D in Curriculum Studies from Indiana University Bloomington and is now an instructor at China Women’s University. She is currently teaching a foundational course on pedagogy and a research course on early childhood education. She also serves as a mentor and a coordinator for psychological counseling services and activities. Her research interests include early childhood teacher education, phenomenological and hermeneutic research, and educational policy. She is currently working on several manuscripts on feminist curriculum and educational hermeneutic research.

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