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Time Domain Representation of Speech Sounds

A Case Study in Bangla


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About this book


The book presents the history of time-domain representation and the extent of its development along with that of spectral domain representation in the cognitive and technology domains. It discusses all the cognitive experiments related to this development, along with details of technological developments related to both automatic speech recognition (ASR) and text to speech synthesis (TTS), and introduces a viable time-domain representation for both objective and subjective analysis, as an alternative to the well-known spectral representation.

The book also includes a new cohort study on the use of lexical knowledge in ASR.

India has numerous official dialects, and spoken-language technology development is a burgeoning area. In fact TTS and ASR taken together constitute the most important technology for empowering people. As such, the book describes time domain representation in such a way that it can be easily and seamlessly incorporated into ASR and TTS research and development. In short, it is a valuable guidebook for the development of ASR and TTS in all the Indian Standard Dialects using signal domain parameters.


Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Text to Speech Synthesis (TTS) Signal Processing Lexical Knowledge Perturbations Speech Processing Cognitive development

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About the authors

Prof. Asoke Kumar Datta, an MSc. (Pure Math), worked at the Indian Statistical Institute from 1955-1994. He retired from the HOD Electronics and Communication Sciences Department, and is an ISI Visiting Professor. He is President, BOM-BOM, Kolkata; Senior Guest Researcher, Sir C V Raman Centre for Physics and Music, JU; Executive Member, Society for Natural Language Technology Research, Kolkata; Life Member, Acoustical Society of India. He received the J C Bose Memorial Award, 1969; Sir C V Raman Award, 1982-83 & 1998-99; S K Mitra Memorial Award, 1984; and the Sri C AchyutMenon Prize, 2001. His areas of academic interest include pattern recognition, AI, speech, music and consciousness.

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