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Proceedings of the International Petroleum and Petrochemical Technology Conference 2018

  • Scott. M. Shemwell
  • Jia'en Lin
Conference proceedings IPPTC 2018

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-vii
  2. Bingqiang Dong, Ye Zhang, Zhengsong Qiu, Zhaohui Lu, Junyi Liu, Linhua Pan et al.
    Pages 29-37
  3. Wencai Liu, Qihua Wang, Qiyong Peng
    Pages 49-56
  4. Xin Zheng, Minh Vo, San Su, Xiao Chaohong, Da Wang
    Pages 68-79
  5. Yan Xue, Minh Vo, Yue Yu, Frank Singleton, Junliang Zhang
    Pages 80-93
  6. Yue Yu, Minh Vo, Sihe Zheng, Junliang Zhang
    Pages 94-107
  7. Yahui Zheng, Shanfa Tang, Mingzheng Pu, Jiaxin Wang, Tianyuan Zhou
    Pages 108-116
  8. Ke Cai, Zhixin Chen, Fengping Yang, Jiangang Lai
    Pages 117-127
  9. Xiong-yi Hu, Xue-ling Zhao, Chun-Yan Ma, Zai-xing Wang, Yi-chi Liu, Jie Liu et al.
    Pages 128-135
  10. Lunjie Chang, Shouwu Qiao, Yong Liu, Yongbin Shan, Xiaohu Jin
    Pages 159-168
  11. Mingjun Du, Jiaqiang Jing, Xinqiang Xiong, Zhigui Zhang, Cheng Wu
    Pages 169-177
  12. Xiaokai Xing, Heng Zhou, Xuhui Guo
    Pages 178-186

About these proceedings


This book is a compilation of selected papers from the 2nd International Petroleum and Petrochemical Technology Conference (IPPTC 2018). The work focuses on petroleum & petrochemical technologies and practical challenges in the field. It creates a platform to bridge the knowledge gap between China and the world. The conference not only provides a platform to exchanges experience but also promotes the development of scientific research in petroleum & petrochemical technologies. The book will benefit a broad readership, including industry experts, researchers, educators, senior engineers and managers.


IPPTC 2018 Offshore Oil & Gas Exploration and Development Drilling & Production Technology Oilfield Chemistry Petroleum Refining Chemical Engineering Environmental Monitoring Environmental Management Oil & Gas Storage and Transportation Pipeline Monitoring and Management Intelligent Oil & Gas Field Smart Factory

Editors and affiliations

  • Scott. M. Shemwell
    • 1
  • Jia'en Lin
    • 2
  1. 1.Rapid Response InstituteHoustonUSA
  2. 2.School of International EducationXi’an Shiyou UniversityXi’anChina

About the editors

Dr. Shemwell is an authority (author of 6 books, hundreds of articles and blogs) and a pioneer in the field of digital oilfield, field operations and risk management with the experience of over 30 years as a senior executive leading the upstream energy sector driving digitalization for Global S&P 500 organizations as well as start-up and professional service firms.  He has been directly involved in over $5 billion acquisitions and divestitures. He is also the top executive of major projects and business units. He holds a B.S. in physics, an MBA and a Ph.D. in Business Administration.

Dr. Jia'en Lin received his Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tsinghua University and is currently a Professor at Xi'an Shiyou University. He is an expert in gas engineering with extensive research and practical experience. He is the author of one book and has published 30 academic papers as the first author.


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