The Evolution of China's Poverty Alleviation and Development Policy (2001-2015)

  • Changsheng Zuo

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This book explains in simple language the change of perspective and the transition of the systems for poverty alleviation, based on the fifteen-year development of China’s poverty alleviation policy. Written by scholars from the International Poverty Reduction Center in China, Peking University and the China Agricultural University who have been engaged in the field of poverty alleviation for many years, the contributions combine views on China's poverty reduction policy with the authors’ personal experiences. It is a valuable reference resource for researchers at the forefront of poverty alleviation and also appeals to anyone interested in poverty alleviation and China’s poverty alleviation changes.


China's Poverty Alleviation Contiguous Destitute Areas Precise Poverty Alleviation Multidimensional Poverty Urban Poverty Development Policy

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  • Changsheng Zuo
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  1. 1.International Poverty Reduction Center in ChinaBeijingChina

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