Tensions in World Literature

Between the Local and the Universal

  • Weigui Fang

About this book


This collection gives a diversified account of world literature, examining not only the rise of the concept, but also problems such as the relation between the local and the universal, and the tensions between national culture and global ethics. In this context, it focuses on the complex relationship between Chinese literature and world literature, not only in the sense of providing an exemplary case study, but also as an introspection and re-location of Chinese literature itself. The book activates the concept of world literature at a time when it is facing the rising modern day challenges of race, class and culture.


Defining World Literature National Literature in China Comparative Literature Cosmopolitanism and World Literature Literature and Race, Class and Culture National Culture and Global Ethics in Literature the Universal and the Local in Literature Relationship between Chinese Literature and World Literature Introspection and Re-location of Chinese Literature

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  • Weigui Fang
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