Phytoplasmas: Plant Pathogenic Bacteria - I

Characterisation and Epidemiology of Phytoplasma - Associated Diseases

  • Govind Pratap Rao
  • Assunta Bertaccini
  • Nicola Fiore
  • Lia W. Liefting

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Assunta Bertaccini, Ing-Ming Lee
    Pages 1-29
  3. Marta Martini, Duška Delić, Lia Liefting, Helena Montano
    Pages 31-65
  4. Elizabeth de Oliveira, Deividas Valiūnas, Jelena Jović, Ivan Paulo Bedendo, Laima Urbanavičienė, Charles Martins de Oliveira
    Pages 67-89
  5. Govind Pratap Rao, Elizabeth Alvarez, Amit Yadav
    Pages 91-121
  6. Elisa Angelini, Fiona Constable, Bojan Duduk, Nicola Fiore, Fabio Quaglino, Assunta Bertaccini
    Pages 123-151
  7. Nicola Fiore, Assunta Bertaccini, Piero A. Bianco, Mirosława Cieślińska, Luca Ferretti, Trinh Xuan Hoat et al.
    Pages 153-190
  8. Maria Grazia Bellardi, Assunta Bertaccini, Madhupriya, Govind Pratap Rao
    Pages 191-233
  9. Govind Pratap Rao, Carmine Marcone, Maria Grazia Bellardi, Madhupriya
    Pages 235-266
  10. Egya Ndede Yankey, Joao Bila, Yaima Arocha Rosete, Carlos Oropeza, Fabian Pilet
    Pages 267-285
  11. Carmine Marcone, Liliana Franco-Lara, Ivo Toševski
    Pages 287-312
  12. Bojan Duduk, Jelena Stepanović, Amit Yadav, Govind Pratap Rao
    Pages 313-345

About this book


Provides recent and updated information on emerging and re-emerging phytoplasma diseases affecting important crops in tropics and subtropics

Provides comprehensive information on disease distribution, occurrence, and identification of the phytoplasmas

Includes the recent approaches for diagnostics, transmission, and information about losses and geographical distribution along with and management aspects


Phytoplasmas Phytoremediation Hyperaccumulators Environmental clean-up Phytosequestration

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  • Govind Pratap Rao
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  • Assunta Bertaccini
    • 2
  • Nicola Fiore
    • 3
  • Lia W. Liefting
    • 4
  1. 1.Division of Plant Pathology, Advance Center for Plant VirologyIndian Agricultural Research InstituteNew DelhiIndia
  2. 2.Department of Agricultural and Food SciencesAlma Mater Studiorum – University of BolognaBolognaItaly
  3. 3.Departamento de Sanidad VegetalUniversidad de ChileLa Pintana, RM – SantiagoChile
  4. 4.Ministry for Primary IndustriesPlant Health and Environment LaboratoryAucklandNew Zealand

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