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Transnational Tourism Experiences at Gallipoli


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About this book


This book offers a fresh account of the Anzac myth and the bittersweet emotional experience of Gallipoli tourists. Challenging the straightforward view of the Anzac obsession as a kind of nationalistic military Halloween, it shows how transnational developments in tourism and commemoration have created the conditions for a complex, dissonant emotional experience of sadness, humility, anger, pride and empathy among Anzac tourists. Drawing on the in-depth testimonies of travellers from Australia and New Zealand, McKay shines a new and more complex light on the history and cultural politics of the Anzac myth. As well as making a ground breaking, empirically-based intervention into the culture wars, this book offersnew insights into the global memory boom and transnational developments in backpacker tourism, sports tourism and “dark” or “dissonant” tourism.


ANZAC Dark Tourism Military and Battlefield Tourism Memorialisation and Commemoration Sports Tourism Australian Nationalism New Zealand Nationalism Turkish Nationalism Tourism and Nationalism Tourism in Turkey Peace and Reconciliation Transnational Perspectives on Tourism Tourist Narratives Embodied Tourist Experiences Dissonant Tourist Experiences Battlefield Tourism Educational Tourism. Tourism and Empathy Tourist Guides Swimming Tourism

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  1. 1.Institute for Advanced Studies in the HumanitiesThe University of QueenslandSt Lucia, BrisbaneAustralia

About the authors

Jim McKay is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, The University of Queensland. Jim has taught at American, Australian, British and Canadian universities and received an Excellence in Teaching Award from The University of Queensland. He has published widely on topics such as gender, race, nationalism, globalisation and popular culture and is also a former editor of the International Review for the Sociology of Sport and on the editorial board of Men & Masculinities.

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