State-Society Relations and Confucian Revivalism in Contemporary China

  • Qin Pang

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This book is a study of the causes of the Confucian revival and the party-state’s response in China today. It concentrates on the interactions between state and society, and the implications for the Chinese state’s control over society, or in other words, its survival over a rapidly modernizing society. The book explores the answers to questions such as: Why has Confucianism suddenly gathered great momentum in contemporary Chinese society? What is the role of the Chinese state in its rise? Is the state really the orchestrator of the Confucian revival as has been widely assumed? This book will be of interest to think-tank and policy researchers, sinologists, and those with an interest in Chinese society.

Qin Pang is an associate Professor in Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, China. Her works have been widely published in Journal of Contemporary Asia, China: An International Journal, World Economy and Politics, and Contemporary Asia-Pacific. 


Neo-confucianism Asian business Asian society State and Society Governance

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