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Biotechnology for Pulp and Paper Processing


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About this book


The book provides the most up-to-date information available on various biotechnological processes useful in the pulp and paper industry. The first edition was published in 2011, covering a specific biotechnological process or technique, discussing the advantages, limitations, and prospects of the most important and popular processes used in the industry. Many new developments have taken place in the last five years, warranting a second edition on this topic. The new edition contains about 35% new material covering topics in Laccase application in fibreboard; biotechnology in forestry; pectinases in papermaking; stickies control with pectinase; products from hemicelluloses; value added products from biorefinery lignin; use of enzymes in mechanical pulping. 


Biodebarking Biodepitching Bioretting Biobleaching Biodeinking Enzymes Mechanical Pulping Stickies Control Pectinase Laccase Fibreboard Forest Biorefinery Slime Control

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About the authors

Dr. Pratima Bajpai has a Ph.D from the National Sugar Institute (NSI) Kanpur, India. She is presently a Technical Consultant in Pulp and Paper Industry and has over 30 years of experience in research at National Sugar Institute Kanpur, Universitiy of Saskatchewan and Universitiy of Western Ontario in Canada and Thapar Center for Industrial Research and Development in India. She has also worked as Visiting Professor at University of Waterloo, Canada and Visiting Scientist at Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan. Dr. Bajpai’s main areas of expertise are industrial biotechnology, pulp and paper and environmental biotechnology. She has immensely contributed to the field of industrial biotechnology and is a recognized expert in the field. Currently, she is actively engaged in commercializing biotechnological processes for the pulp and paper industry. Her research accomplishment has resulted in more than 150 publications in the leading International Journals and conference proceedings. She has written several advanced level technical books on environmental and biotechnological aspects of pulp and paper, which have been published by leading publishers - PIRA International, UK; Springer, Germany; Miller Freeman USA, John Wiley and Elsevier Science. She has also contributed chapters to a number of books and encyclopedia, obtained 11 patents and has written several technical reports. She has implemented several processes in Indian Paper mills. Dr. Bajpai is an active member of American Society of Microbiologists and is a reviewer of many international research journals.

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