A Century of Plant Virology in India

  • Bikash Mandal
  • Govind Pratap Rao
  • Virendra Kumar Baranwal
  • Rakesh Kumar  Jain

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Bikash Mandal, Govind Pratap Rao, Virendra Kumar Baranwal, Rakesh Kumar Jain
    Pages 1-5
  3. Virus Characterisation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 7-7
    2. Sandeep Kumar, Richa Rai, Virendra Kumar Baranwal
      Pages 9-26
    3. R. Selvarajan, Bikash Mandal, V. Balasubramanian, Amrita Banerjee, S. Vijayanandraj, Amalendu Ghosh
      Pages 27-48
    4. Virendra Kumar Baranwal, Susheel Kumar Sharma
      Pages 49-73
    5. V. G. Malathi, P. Renukadevi, S. Chakraborty, K. K. Biswas, Anirban Roy, P. N. Sivalingam et al.
      Pages 75-177
    6. T. Jebasingh, T. Makeshkumar
      Pages 179-192
    7. K. K. Biswas, Supratik Palchoudhury, D. K. Ghosh
      Pages 201-216
    8. S. K. Raj, S. Kumar, K. K. Gautam, C. Kaur, A. Samad, M. Zaim et al.
      Pages 217-253
    9. M. Krishna Reddy, K. Vemana, Sunil Kumar
      Pages 271-284
    10. R. Viswanathan, K. Nithya, B. Parameswari, A. Jeevalatha, Govind Pratap Rao
      Pages 285-305
    11. S. Vijayanandraj, Bikash Mandal, T. Jebasingh, M. L. Jeeva, T. Makeshkumar, Yogita Maheshwari
      Pages 307-326
    12. K. Prabha, Virendra Kumar Baranwal
      Pages 327-339
    13. V. G. Malathi, S. Kanakala
      Pages 341-349
    14. R. Viswanathan, B. Parameswari, K. Nithya, A. Jeevalatha, Govind Pratap Rao
      Pages 361-404
    15. Arindam Bakshi, G. P. Vishnu Vardhan, M. Hema, M. R. N. Murthy, H. S. Savithri
      Pages 405-427
    16. Alok Kumar, A. Abdul Kader Jailani, Anirban Roy, Bikash Mandal
      Pages 429-444
    17. Basavaraj, Bikash Mandal, S. J. Gawande, P. Renukadevi, S. K. Holkar, M. Krishnareddy et al.
      Pages 445-474
    18. Shweta Sharma, Gaurav Kumar, Satyendra Mangrauthia, C. N. Neeraja, D. Krishnaveni, Indranil Dasgupta
      Pages 475-486
    19. Anirban Roy, Ajay Kumar, Yashika Walia, Vipin Hallan, Padma Ramachandran
      Pages 487-511
  4. Virus-Vectors

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 513-513
    2. Amalendu Ghosh, Samiran Chakrabarti, Bikash Mandal, N. K. Krishna Kumar
      Pages 515-536
    3. Amalendu Ghosh, Debjani Dey, Timmanna, Basavaraj, Bikash Mandal, Rakesh Kumar Jain
      Pages 537-561
    4. K. Chandrashekar, P. R. Shashank
      Pages 563-580
  5. Virus Diagnosis

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 581-581
    2. Alangar Ishwara Bhat, Yogita Maheshwari
      Pages 583-619
    3. Susheel Kumar Sharma, Ram Prasnna Meena, D. Pramesh, Sandeep Kumar, Th. Surjit Singh, Virendra Kumar Baranwal
      Pages 621-686
  6. Virus Management

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 687-687
    2. Vasimalla Celia Chalam, D. B. Parakh, Maurya, R. K. Khetarpal
      Pages 757-782
    3. Shelly Praveen, S. V. Ramesh, Satendra Kumar Mangrauthia
      Pages 783-805

About this book


The book is a compilation of research work carried out on plant viruses during past 100 years in India. Plant viruses are important constraints in Indian agriculture. Tropical and sub-tropical environments and intensive crop cultivation practices ideally favours perpetuation of numerous plant viruses and their vectors in India, which often cause wide spread crop losses. Of all the plant pathogens, studies of plant viruses have received a special attention as they are difficult to manage. A large body of literature has been published on the plant virus research from India during past 100 years; however the information is so far not available in one place. This book provides comprehensive information on the biology, molecular biology, epidemics, crop losses, diagnosis and management of viruses and viroids occurring in India. Description of properties of the viruses are provided in the chapters comprising of  different genera such as Allexivirus, Begomovirus, Babuvirus, Badnavirus, Carlavirus, Carmovirus, Cucumovirus, Closterovirus, Ilavirus, Mandrivirus, Potyvirus, Tospovirus, Tungrovirus and Sobemovirus. Virus-vector research related to aphid, thrips and whitefly is discussed. The work on the management aspects of plant viral diseases has been described with reference to the conventional, antiviral and transgenic approaches. Further, the quarantine mechanism developed in India for the exclusion of viruses and vectors has also been included. The book also provides useful information about the capacity building on the research and education on Plant Virology in India. Overall, the book covers a wide range of accounts of research findings and innovations in Plant Virology in India during past 100 years. The book will be a resourceful reference to the students, scientists, agricultural professionals and policy makers.


History of Plant Virology Plant viruses Plant virus diagnosis Plant virus management Virology

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  • Govind Pratap Rao
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  • Virendra Kumar Baranwal
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  • Rakesh Kumar  Jain
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