Fusion Neutronics

  • Yican Wu

Table of contents

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  3. Neutronics Theories and Methodologies for Fusion

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      Pages 145-170
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      Pages 171-205
  4. Fusion Neutronics Design Principles

  5. Fusion Neutronics Experiment Technologies

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      Pages 309-309
    2. Yican Wu
      Pages 365-393

About this book


This book provides a systematic and comprehensive introduction to fusion neutronics, covering all key topics from the fundamental theories and methodologies, as well as a wide range of fusion system designs and experiments. It is the first-ever book focusing on the subject of fusion neutronics research.

Compared with other nuclear devices such as fission reactors and accelerators, fusion systems are normally characterized by their complex geometry and nuclear physics, which entail new challenges for neutronics such as complicated modeling, deep penetration, low simulation efficiency, multi-physics coupling, etc. The book focuses on the neutronics characteristics of fusion systems and introduces a series of theories and methodologies that were developed to address the challenges of fusion neutronics, and which have since been widely applied all over the world. Further, it introduces readers to neutronics design’s unique principles and procedures, experimental methodologies and technologies for fusion systems.

The book not only highlights the latest advances and trends in the field, but also draws on the lessons learned in the author’s more than 40 years of research. To make it more accessible and enhance its practical value, various representative examples are included to illustrate the application and efficiency of the methods, designs and experimental techniques discussed.


Fusion Power Reactors Fusion Fission Hybrid Reactors Neutronic Theories and Methodologies Neutronic Design Principle Neutronic Experimental Technologies Radiation Dosimetry Radio-Ecological Impacts Neutron Transport Neutron Activation Radiation Damage Nuclear Data

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