Inner Experience of the Chinese People

Globalization, Social Transformation, and the Evolution of Social Mentality

  • Xiaohong Zhou

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Lian Lian
    Pages 15-25
  3. Xin Zheng
    Pages 27-38
  4. Yuan Lu
    Pages 39-49
  5. Xufan Zhang, Jianping Wang
    Pages 51-61
  6. Boqing Cheng
    Pages 63-72
  7. Hong Zhu
    Pages 73-86
  8. Haiyan Zhou
    Pages 87-99
  9. Hui Shen
    Pages 101-111
  10. Peiqin Zhou
    Pages 113-122
  11. Sex
    Yiqing Hu
    Pages 123-132
  12. Haobin Wang
    Pages 133-142
  13. Xiaozhang Wang, Ting Feng
    Pages 143-152
  14. Xiaohong Zhou
    Pages 165-177
  15. Back Matter
    Pages 179-198

About this book


This book comprehensively explores the changes in the Chinese spiritual world from the perspective of transition and transformation. Chinese feeling, a brand-new concept corresponding to Chinese experience, refers to the vicissitudes that 1.3 billion Chinese people have been through in their spiritual worlds. The book discusses this concept together with Chinese experience, two aspects of the transformation of the Chinese mentality that resulted from the unprecedented social changes since 1978, and which have given this unique era historical meaning and cultural values. At the same time they offer a dual perspective for understanding this great social transition. 

Further, the book considers what will happen if we only focus on the “Chinese Experience” while neglecting the “Chinese Feeling”; the changes the Chinese people undergo when their desires, wishes and personalities have changed China; and how their emotionally charged social mentality foll
ow ebbs and flows of the changing society. Lastly it asks what embarrassment and frustration the population will be faced with next after the tribulations their spiritual world has already been through.


Chinese Mentality Chinese Values Consumerism Interpersonal Relationships Communication Psychology Intergenerational Relationships Romance Chinese Sexual Revolution Class Consciousness Civic consciousness

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