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Ultrathin Carbon-Based Overcoats for Extremely High Density Magnetic Recording


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About this book


This book presents the latest research in ultrathin carbon-based protective overcoats for high areal density magnetic data storage systems, with a particular focus on hard disk drives (HDDs) and tape drives. These findings shed new light on how the microstructure and interfacial chemistry of these sub-20 nm overcoats can be engineered at the nanoscale regime to obtain enhanced properties for wear, thermal and corrosion protection – which are critical for such applications. Readers will also be provided with fresh experimental insights into the suitability of graphene as an atomically-thin overcoat for HDD media. The easy readability of this book will appeal to a wide audience, ranging from non-specialists with a general interest in the field to scientists and industry professionals directly involved in thin film and coatings research.


Magnetic Data Storage Cathodic Arc Deposition Surface Tribology Corrosion Protection Surface Modification Surface Engineering Graphene Overcoats Interfacial Bonding Diamond-like Amorphous Carbon (DLC) Heat-assisted Magnetic Recording

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