Rhizotrophs: Plant Growth Promotion to Bioremediation

  • Samina Mehnaz

Part of the Microorganisms for Sustainability book series (MICRO, volume 2)

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  2. Samina Mehnaz, George Lazarovits
    Pages 1-14
  3. Roxane Roquigny, Amy Novinscak, Adrien Biessy, Martin Filion
    Pages 39-68
  4. Naveen Kumar Arora, Maya Verma, Jitendra Mishra
    Pages 69-99
  5. Faizan Ullah, Asghari Bano
    Pages 101-123
  6. Abdul Aziz Eida, Heribert Hirt, Maged M. Saad
    Pages 125-143
  7. Shimaila Ali, Saveetha Kandasamy, Soledad Saldias, George Lazarovits
    Pages 145-163
  8. Anton Hartmann, Michael Rothballer
    Pages 205-217
  9. Dilfuza Egamberdieva, Stephan Wirth, Elsayed Fathi Abd-Allah
    Pages 219-236
  10. Thanh Van Nguyen, Katharina Pawlowski
    Pages 237-261
  11. Zakia Latif, Aatif Amin
    Pages 275-289

About this book


This book describes the contributions of rhizotrophs – microbes associated with the parts of plants below ground – in sustainable agriculture. It covers a broad range of aspects, from plant growth promotion to bioremediation. It highlights the role of bacteria, actinomycetes, mycorrhizal fungi, and most interestingly protists, in the sustainability of agriculture. Further, it addresses in detail the involvement of quorum sensing signals, and the role of hydrolytic enzymes and bacteriocin in combating the phytopathogen.

The book sheds light on the interaction of rhizotrophs in rhizosphere and how these microbes support plants growing under adverse stress conditions such as saline, drought or heavy-metals contamination. Challenges faced in the field application of these microbes, strategies for modifying the rhizosphere to improve crop yield, and the latest advances in rhizobial bioformulations are also discussed. Overall, the book provides comprehensive information on how various microbes can be used to improve the sustainability of agriculture without disturbing the environment.


Bioremediation Frankia Mycorhizae Protozoa Quorum sensing

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