Technology and Application of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics

Selected Papers of the 7th International Conference on Environmental and Engineering Geophysics, ICEEG-Beijing 2016

  • Qingyun Di
  • Guoqiang Xue
  • Jianghai Xia

Part of the Springer Geophysics book series (SPRINGERGEOPHYS)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. Jiangong Liu, Yanhui Wu, Peng Wang, Jia Song, Gouju Wang, Wentao Ma et al.
    Pages 1-10
  3. Fei Li, Shangxian Yin, Demin Liu, Yong Han, Shuai Hua, Peng Chen
    Pages 11-15
  4. Zhaoqiao Zhang, Shucai Liu, Yong Zhang, Longjin Zheng, Lian Liu
    Pages 17-23
  5. Qian Guo, Lichao Nie, Shucai Li, Bin Liu, Chuanwu Wang, Mingzhen Tian
    Pages 35-43
  6. Suping Peng, Peng Lin, Wenfeng Du, Yongxu Lu
    Pages 45-55
  7. Feng Lei, Wei Wang, Songying Li, Xiaoshuai Yao, Jiwen Teng, Xing Gao
    Pages 57-70
  8. Xiaoting Li, Hongwei Wang, Suping Peng, Wenfeng Du, Yingchuan Sun
    Pages 81-86
  9. Kai Chen, Haifeng Wang, Ming Deng, Hong Chen, Di Zeng, ShuangChao Ge
    Pages 97-105
  10. Yixin Ye, Zhiyong Zhang, Zelin Li, Yong Zhao
    Pages 107-112
  11. Guoqiang Xue, Weiying Chen, Jiangwei Cui, Shu Yan
    Pages 119-126
  12. Shu Yan, Guoqiang Xue, Weizhong Qiu
    Pages 127-133
  13. Nannan Zhou, Guoqiang Xue, Dongyang Hou, Huasen Zhong, Hai Li, Jiangwei Cui et al.
    Pages 135-143
  14. Dongyang Hou, Guoqiang Xue, Nannan Zhou, Shu Yan
    Pages 145-150
  15. Meng Wang, Sheng Jin, Ming Deng, Bo Wang, Zheng Xiang, Ziheng Zhao
    Pages 151-160
  16. Hai Li, Guoqiang Xue, Pan Zhao, Huasen Zhong, Nannan Zhou
    Pages 167-174
  17. Dongyang Liu, Suzhen Shi, Wenfeng Du, Tailang Zhao
    Pages 175-184
  18. Rongjiang Tang, Xuben Wang, Lu Gan, Juntao Zhang
    Pages 195-203
  19. Yunfei Lu, Guoqiang Xue, Xiu Li, Zhipeng Qi
    Pages 221-232
  20. Wen Chen, Guoqiang Xue, Dongyang Hou
    Pages 233-241
  21. Shihang Zhong, Rong Wang, Zefeng Wang
    Pages 279-283

About this book


This book focuses on essential theories, methods and techniques in the field of environmental and engineering geophysics that can contribute to resource detection and environmental protection. Geophysics has been playing an important role in exploring the earth, locating vital resources and promoting the development of society. This book covers a range of topics including the exploration of modern resources, such as ore deposits, coal mines, shale gas and geothermal power, and the monitoring of geological disasters, including the rock-soil body, ground deformation, mines, specific rock-soil engineering disasters, desertification of land and environmental abnormalities.

This book not only offers a valuable resource for geophysical researchers; it also demonstrates how geophysics theories and methods can be practically implemented to protect our environment and promote the development of human society.


Transient electromagnetic method near-surface geophysics new detection system exploration of natural resources exploration of natural resources ICEEG 2016 proceedings

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  • Guoqiang Xue
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  • Jianghai Xia
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  1. 1.Inst. of Geology and GeophysicsChinese Academy of Sciences Inst. of Geology and GeophysicsBeijing, Chao YangChina
  2. 2.Researcher Institute of Geology and GeophysicsChinese Academy of Sciences BeijingChina
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