Cancer and Chemoprevention: An Overview

  • Summya Rashid

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About this book


This book focuses on the most recent, relevant, comprehensive and significant advances in cancer and chemo prevention. It broadly discusses cancer, its hallmarks and classification, molecular mechanisms of outbreak, contributing factors, role of oxidative stress, inflammatory mediators and evading apoptosis, which leads to the progression of disease.

Though modern medicine has left us with no option to treat this deadly disease due to drawbacks associated with conventional treatment – like its non-targeted nature, drug resistance, varied organ toxicities and unaffordability – chemoprevention offers a viable therapeutic window.

Given chemoprevention’s importance in the present scenario, the book highlights various chemo preventive strategies currently used in the management of cancer; a selection of novel chemo preventive agents used at clinics and in the pre-clinical stage; hurdles to effective chemoprevention; future prospects and the road ahead. It offers a valuable guide for all graduate students and researchers seeking information on cancer and chemoprevention in general, irrespective of the specific type/pathways involved in its onset.


Cancer Chemoprevention Inflammatory mediators Apoptosis Signaling pathways

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