Media Corporate Entrepreneurship

Theories and Cases

  • Min┬áHang

Part of the Media Business and Innovation book series (MEDIA)

Table of contents

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  2. Introduction

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  3. Media Industries as the Context

  4. Integrated Framework for Media Corporate Entrepreneurship

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      Pages 23-23
  5. Researching Media Corporate Entrepreneurship

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    2. Min Hang
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  6. Media Corporate Entrepreneurship in Practices

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    4. Min Hang
      Pages 121-127
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  7. Conclusion and Media Specific Implications

  8. Back Matter
    Pages 161-172

About this book


This book examines corporate entrepreneurship start-ups in the media industries and provides a timely solution to fill in the gap of academic as well as practical knowledge in this regard. It brings together new media venturing practices in the west and east and covers new media opportunities in various emerging forms, including gaming, Internet, mobile and webcasting business.

The book presents case studies from major transnational media companies, highlights the industry specific characteristics of corporate entrepreneurship, and thus contributes to understanding the links between new business venturing and certain particular industries, so as to further explore the industry specific characteristics of entrepreneurship.

This book also suggests a new approach to integrate economic and management theories for the study of media corporate entrepreneurship; while the two sets of theories are conflicting with each other, the book proposes a contingent model to reconcile different theories. This is an innovative approach and will be a valuable starting point to construct an interdisciplinary theoretical framework for new media business studies.


Corporate Venturing Media Management New Media Creation Venturing Organizational Decisions Media Entrepreneurship Transnational Media Companies Industry Organizational Theories Resource-Based Theories Integrated Theoretical Framework Theories Reconciliation

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