Phosphors, Up Conversion Nano Particles, Quantum Dots and Their Applications

Volume 2

  • Ru-Shi Liu

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. Masato Kakihana, Hideki Kato, Makoto Kobayashi, Yasushi Sato, Koji Tomita, Tetsufumi Komukai
    Pages 1-40
  3. Dajian Wang, Zhiyong Mao, B. D. Fahlman
    Pages 83-117
  4. Xiaotang Liu, Bingfu Lei, Yingliang Liu
    Pages 119-137
  5. Jing Wang, Xuejie Zhang, Qiang Su
    Pages 139-166
  6. Yingliang Liu, Bingfu Lei
    Pages 167-214
  7. Song Wang, Hongjie Zhang
    Pages 215-236
  8. Datao Tu, Wei Zheng, Ping Huang, Xueyuan Chen
    Pages 237-287
  9. Tianying Sun, Feng Wang
    Pages 289-309
  10. Jiajia Zhou, Jianrong Qiu
    Pages 311-331
  11. Xiangzhao Ai, Junxin Aw, Bengang Xing
    Pages 363-390
  12. Pounraj Thanasekaran, Hua-De Gao, Hsien-Ming Lee
    Pages 391-418
  13. Shu-Ru Chung
    Pages 419-435
  14. Anush Mnoyan, Yonghee Lee, Hankyeol Jung, Somang Kim, Duk Young Jeon
    Pages 437-471
  15. Hung-Chia Wang, Ru-Shi Liu
    Pages 473-483
  16. Ming-Hsien Chan, Ru-Shi Liu
    Pages 485-502
  17. Haizheng Zhong, Ziwei Wang, Wengao Lu, Juan Liu, Yongtian Wang
    Pages 503-523

About this book


This book introduces readers to fundamental information on phosphor and quantum dots. It comprehensively reviews the latest research advances in and applications of fluoride phosphors, oxide phosphors, nitridosilicate phosphors and various quantum dot materials. Phosphors and phosphor-based quantum dot materials have recently gained considerable scientific interest due to their wide range of applications in lighting, displays, medical and telecommunication technologies.

This work will be of great interest to researchers and graduate students in materials sciences and chemistry who wish to learn more about the principles, synthesis and analysis of phosphors and quantum dot materials. 


fundamentals of phosphors Applications of phosphors Quantum dot materials White light-emitting diodes Lighting Display Bio-image

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