Arthropod Diversity and Conservation in the Tropics and Sub-tropics

  • Akshay Kumar Chakravarthy
  • Shakunthala Sridhara

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiv
  2. N. R. Prasannakumar, K. P. Kumar
    Pages 1-18
  3. M. Jayashankar, S. R. Amulya Prasad, Subhash B. Kandakoor
    Pages 33-56
  4. Shakunthala Sridhara, Akshay Kumar Chakravarthy, V. Kalarani, D. Chandrasekhar Reddy
    Pages 57-80
  5. S. Murugan, D. Usha Anandhi
    Pages 81-99
  6. Kalarani Varada, Sumathi Vempalli, Sridevi V, Chandra Sekhara Reddy Dandala
    Pages 101-118
  7. Periasamy Alagesan
    Pages 119-137
  8. Ganesh Vankhede, Priyanka Hadole, Akshay Kumar Chakravarthy
    Pages 139-164
  9. Chandrika Mohan, M. K. Radhika, A. Josephrajkumar, P. Rajan
    Pages 173-181
  10. M. Karuthapandi, D. V. Rao
    Pages 183-196
  11. Nripendra Laskar, Dipak Kumar Sinha, Tapan Kumar Hath, Hirak Chatterjee
    Pages 271-284
  12. U. G. A. I. Sirisena, G. W. Watson, K. S. Hemachandra, H. N. P. Wijayagunasekara
    Pages 285-295
  13. Ritesh Suresh Inamke, Deepak Panpatte, Noushad Parvez, Leena Pathak, Ankit Patel, Kuldeep Khatri et al.
    Pages 297-313
  14. P. P. Mary, Vasudev Kammar, A. T. Rani, K. R. Yathish
    Pages 315-325
  15. T. Prabhulinga, S. K. Jalali, K. P. Kumar, B. Doddabasappa
    Pages 327-333
  16. Mrinmoy Das, Badal Bhattacharyya, D. Pujari, Gautam Handique
    Pages 335-344
  17. D. P. Abrol, Uma Shankar, K. S. Nitin, G. Basana Gowda
    Pages 345-372
  18. Stephen Petersen, Muniswamyreddy Shankar Reddy
    Pages 373-381
  19. Stephen Petersen, Muniswamyreddy Shankar Reddy
    Pages 383-396
  20. Rahul Amin, Kuldeep Khatri, Deepak Panpatte, Leena Pathak, Ankit Patel, Noushad Parvez et al.
    Pages 415-435

About this book


Arthropods are invertebrates that constitute over 90% of the animal kingdom, and their bio-ecology is closely linked with global functioning and survival.

Arthropods play an important role in maintaining the health of ecosystems, provide livelihoods and nutrition to human communities, and are important indicators of environmental change. Yet the population trends of several arthropods species show them to be in decline. Arthropods constitute a dominant group with 1.2 million species influencing earth’s biodiversity. Among arthropods, insects are predominant, with ca. 1 million species and having evolved some 350 million years ago. Arthropods are closely associated with living and non-living entities alike, making the ecosystem services they provide crucially important. In order to be effective, plans for the conservation of arthropods and ecosystems should include a mixture of strategies like protecting key habitats and genomic studies to formulate relevant policies for in situ and ex situ conservation.

This two-volume book focuses on capturing the essentials of arthropod inventories, biology, and conservation. Further, it seeks to identify the mechanisms by which arthropod populations can be sustained in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, and by means of which certain problematic species be managed without producing harmful environmental side-effects.

This edited compilation includes chapters contributed by over 80 biologists on a wide range of topics embracing the diversity, distribution, utility and conservation of arthropods and select groups of insect taxa. More importantly, it describes in detail the mechanisms of sustaining arthropod ecosystems, services and populations. It addresses the contribution of modern biological tools such as molecular and genetic techniques regulating gene expression, as well as conventional, indigenous practices in arthropod conservation. The contributors reiterate the importance of documenting and understanding the biology of arthropods from a holistic perspective before addressing conservation issues at large. This book offers a valuable resource for all zoologists, entomologists, ecologists, conservation biologists, policy makers, teachers and students interested in the conservation of biological resources.


Arthropods Bio-diversity Conservation Ecosystem services Tropics and subtropics

Editors and affiliations

  • Akshay Kumar Chakravarthy
    • 1
  • Shakunthala Sridhara
    • 2
  1. 1.Division of Entomology and NematologyIndian Institute of Horticultural Research (IIHR)BengaluruIndia
  2. 2.Department of EntomologyUniversity of Agricultural Sciences Gandhi Krishi Vignana Kendra (GKVK)BengaluruIndia

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