Connecting Cells

  • Xiangdong Wang
  • Dragos Cretoiu

Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 913)

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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Jian Wang, Meiling Jin, Wen-huan Ma, Zhitu Zhu, Xiangdong Wang
    Pages 1-21
  3. Junjie Xiao, Yihua Bei
    Pages 23-39
  4. Mariusz Z. Ratajczak, Daniel Ratajczak, Daniel Pedziwiatr
    Pages 41-49
  5. Lidia Ibba-Manneschi, Irene Rosa, Mirko Manetti
    Pages 51-76
  6. Artur Pasternak, Krzysztof Gil, Andrzej Matyja
    Pages 77-103
  7. Ping Yang, Nisar Ahmed, Shakeeb Ullah, Qiusheng Chen, Yonghua Zheng
    Pages 105-113
  8. Maria-Giuliana Vannucchi, Maria-Simonetta Faussone-Pellegrini
    Pages 115-126
  9. Raymund E. Horch, Annika Weigand, Justus P. Beier, Andreas Arkudas, Anja M. Boos
    Pages 139-147
  10. Cleofina Bosco, Eugenia Díaz
    Pages 149-161
  11. Mihnea Ioan Nicolescu
    Pages 163-176
  12. L. Díaz-Flores, R. Gutiérrez, M. González-Gómez, L. Díaz-Flores Jr, F. Valladares, N. Rancel et al.
    Pages 177-191
  13. Bruno D. A. Sanches, Lara S. Corradi, Patricia S. L. Vilamaior, Sebastião R. Taboga
    Pages 193-206
  14. Yonghua Zheng, Xiangdong Wang
    Pages 253-261
  15. Daniel Dumitru Banciu, Adela Banciu, Beatrice Mihaela Radu
    Pages 287-302
  16. Catalin G. Manole, Olga Simionescu
    Pages 303-323
  17. Hongqi Zhang
    Pages 377-395
  18. Laura Cristina Ceafalan, Bogdan Ovidiu Popescu
    Pages 397-402
  19. Joanna Dawidowicz, Natalia Matysiak, Sylwia Szotek, Krzysztof Maksymowicz
    Pages 403-424
  20. Yingying Zhao, Xiaoyu Chen, Fei Wang, Changqing Yang
    Pages 425-432
  21. Back Matter
    Pages 433-440

About this book


This book elucidates the genetic, biological, morphological and functional aspects of telocytes. Telocytes are a recently defined type of interstitial (stromal) cells, with very long (tens to hundreds of micrometres) and very thin prolongations (mostly below the resolving power of light microscopy). The book describes the presence of telocytes in various organs and tissues, details their morphological characteristics, explores their genomic and proteomic profiles, puts forward preclinical evidence of their application, and discusses their potential in the context of clinical therapeutics. As such, it offers a valuable guide for biologists and clinicians alike.

Dr. Xiangdong Wang is a distinguished Professor of Medicine. He is Director of the Shanghai Institute of Clinical Bioinformatics, Executive Director of the Clinical Science Institute at Fudan University Zhongshan Hospital, Shanghai, China; Dr. Dragos Cretoiu is an Associate Professor of Pathology at the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Bucharest.


Regeneratvie Medicine Telocytes cell communication tissue/organ injury and repair chronic inflammatory

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  • Xiangdong Wang
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  • Dragos Cretoiu
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  1. 1.Zhongshan HospitalFudan University Medical SchoolShanghaiChina
  2. 2.Department of Cellular and Molecular MedCarol Davila Univ of Medicine&PharmacyBucharestRomania

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