Digital Soil Mapping Across Paradigms, Scales and Boundaries

  • Gan-Lin Zhang
  • Dick Brus
  • Feng Liu
  • Xiao-Dong Song
  • Philippe Lagacherie

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Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Digital Soil Modelling

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Gan-Lin Zhang, Feng Liu, Xiao-Dong Song, Yu-Guo Zhao
      Pages 3-10
    3. Wenjiao Shi, Tianxiang Yue, Xuewen Li, Zhengping Du
      Pages 11-19
    4. Jenette M. Ashtekar, Phillip R. Owens, Zamir Libohova, Ankur Ashtekar
      Pages 21-32
    5. Yan Guo, Zhou Shi, Jingyi Huang, Laigang Wang, Yongzheng Cheng, Guoqing Zheng
      Pages 33-45
    6. Ming-Song Zhao, Gan-Lin Zhang, Feng Liu, De-Cheng Li, Yu-Guo Zhao
      Pages 47-62
    7. Yuanyuan Lu, Ganlin Zhang, Yuguo Zhao, Decheng Li, Jinling Yang, Feng Liu
      Pages 63-76
    8. Gábor Szatmári, Károly Barta, László Pásztor
      Pages 77-87
    9. H. S. K. Pinheiro, P. R. Owens, C. S. Chagas, W. Carvalho Júnior, L. H. C. Anjos
      Pages 89-102
    10. Nikki Baggaley, Laura Poggio, Alessandro Gimona, Allan Lilly
      Pages 103-111
  3. Environmental Application and Assessment

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 113-113
    2. George M. van Zijl, Johan J. van Tol, Eddie S. Riddell
      Pages 115-129
    3. Zamir Libohova, Nathan P. Odgers, Jenette Ashtekar, Phillip R. Owens, James A. Thompson, Jon Hempel
      Pages 131-140
    4. P. Chaikaew, S. Grunwald, X. Xiong
      Pages 153-164
    5. S. Grunwald, P. Chaikaew, B. Cao, X. Xiong, G. M. Vasques, J. Kim et al.
      Pages 165-179
    6. Laura Poggio, Alessandro Gimona, Luigi Spezia, Mark J. Brewer
      Pages 181-193
  4. Soil Sensors and Legacy Data

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 247-247
    2. Alexandre ten Caten, Ricardo Simão Diniz Dalmolin, André Carnieletto Dotto, Jean Michel Moura-Bueno, Evandro Loch Boeing, Jose Lucas Safanelli et al.
      Pages 249-257
    3. Congrong Yu, Sabine Grunwald, Xiong Xiong
      Pages 259-273
    4. C. Bulmer, M. G. Schmidt, B. Heung, C. Scarpone, J. Zhang, D. Filatow et al.
      Pages 291-303
    5. Scott Smith, Denise Neilsen, Grace Frank, Eve Flager, Bahram Daneshfar, Glenn Lelyk et al.
      Pages 305-317
    6. László Pásztor, Annamária Laborczi, Katalin Takács, Gábor Szatmári, Zsófia Bakacsi, József Szabó
      Pages 331-342
    7. Ling-xia Li, Feng-mei Zhang, Chao Wang, Dong-wei Wang
      Pages 343-349

About this book


This book contains papers presented at the 6th Global Workshop on Digital Soil Mapping, held 11-14 November 2014 at the Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences of Nanjing, China. Digital soil mapping is advancing on different fronts at different paces throughout the world. The researches and applications on DSM are moving from method development to realizations in different scales and regions, serving the generation of national and continental to global soil grids. Meanwhile, new ideas and insights on mapping complex soil-landscapes such as flat plains,anthropogenically altered agriculture and urban spaces are emerging, with the help of new paradigms and models.The goal of the sixth workshop was to review and discuss the state of the art in digital soil mapping, and to explore strategies for bridging research, production, and environmental applications.

This book provides a very useful and comprehensive overview of the status of digital soil mapping, in which graduate students, scientists and specialists working within the field of geography can find the spatial prediction approaches and related theory.              


Digital Soil Mapping Digital Soil Mapping Paradigms Soil Spectroscopy Digital Soil Modelling Digital Soil Resource Inventory

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  • Dick Brus
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  • Feng Liu
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  • Xiao-Dong Song
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  • Philippe Lagacherie
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  1. 1.Chinese Academy of SciencesInstitute of Soil ScienceNanjingChina
  2. 2.Soil ScienceAlterraWageningenThe Netherlands
  3. 3.Chinese Academy of SciencesInstitute of Soil ScienceNanjingChina
  4. 4.Chinese Academy of SciencesInstitute of Soil ScienceNanjingChina
  5. 5.National Institute for Agricultural ReseParisFrance

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