Privilege Through the Looking-Glass

  • Editors
  • Patricia Leavy

Part of the Personal/Public Scholarship book series (PEPUSCH)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Adrienne Trier-Bieniek
    Pages 13-20
  3. Christopher N. Poulos
    Pages 21-26
  4. Venus E. Evans-Winters
    Pages 27-33
  5. Liza Talusan
    Pages 43-48
  6. Amy L. Masko
    Pages 49-55
  7. Sarrah J. Grubb
    Pages 65-71
  8. Tammy Bird
    Pages 79-84
  9. Em Rademaker
    Pages 85-93
  10. Shalen Lowell
    Pages 95-102
  11. Kate Birdsall
    Pages 103-114
  12. Lisa Barry
    Pages 115-124
  13. Jean Kilbourne
    Pages 125-130
  14. Lisa Phillips
    Pages 131-141
  15. Nancy La Monica
    Pages 143-154
  16. Miroslav Pavle Manovski
    Pages 155-164
  17. U. Melissa Anyiwo
    Pages 165-181
  18. Back Matter
    Pages 183-188

About this book


Privilege Through the Looking-Glass is a collection of original essays that explore privilege and status characteristics in daily life. This collection seeks to make visible that which is often invisible. It seeks to sensitize us to things we have been taught not to see. Privilege, power, oppression, and domination operate in complex and insidious ways, impacting groups and individuals. And yet, these forces that affect our lives so deeply seem to at once operate in plain sight and lurk in the shadows, making them difficult to discern. Like water to a fish, environments are nearly impossible to perceive when we are immersed in them. This book attempts to expose our environments. With engaging and powerful writing, the contributors share their personal stories as a means of connecting the personal and the public. This volume applies an intersectional perspective to explore how race, class, gender, sexuality, education, and ableness converge, creating the basis for privilege and oppression. Privilege Through the Looking-Glass encourages readers to engage in self and social reflection, and can be used in a range of courses in sociology, social work, communication, education, gender studies, and African American studies. Each chapter includes discussion questions and/or activities for further engagement. “Privilege Through the Looking-Glass offers a varied and profound examination of how privilege functions as the underside of power. This is a powerful and important book about inequality, identity, agency, and the challenge of addressing difference as part of a democratic ethos in a time of growing authoritarianism all over the world. Every educator should read this book.” – Henry A. Giroux, Professor, McMaster University “A courageous volume that blends theory, personal experiences, and reflections on contemporary debates over identity. This is a book that is more about the politics of identity than identity politics. It is a powerful testament to the urgency of understanding privilege and deserves to be read widely.” – Peter McLaren, Distinguished Professor, Chapman University “Privilege Through the Looking-Glass unmasks the casual ‘isms’ that suppress the best aspects of our humanity, by assembling a powerful and honest collection of parables. Poignant and unflinching, the contributors eschew to the cloak of objectivism to give the hard truth about privilege as a social ill, and the collective responsibility of the conscious community to confront all forms of oppression… this book has lessons for anyone with the spirit to explore better ways to be themselves and relate to others.” – Ivory A. Toldson, Professor, Howard University, and Editor-in-Chief for The Journal of Negro Education Patricia Leavy, Ph.D., is an award-winning independent sociologist and best-selling author.


privilege power sociology intersectionality gender

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