Children’s Reasoning While Building Fraction Ideas

  • Carolyn A. Maher
  • Dina Yankelewitz

Part of the Mathematics Teaching and Learning book series (MTAL)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. Carolyn A. Maher, Dina Yankelewitz
    Pages 1-11
  3. Miriam Gerstein
    Pages 13-20
  4. Dina Yankelewitz, Esther Winter
    Pages 21-27
  5. Dina Yankelewitz, Miriam Gerstein
    Pages 29-33
  6. Esther Winter, Dina Yankelewitz
    Pages 35-41
  7. Cheryl K. Van Ness, Alice S. Alston
    Pages 49-64
  8. Alice S. Alston, Cheryl K. Van Ness
    Pages 65-81
  9. Cheryl K. Van Ness, Alice S. Alston
    Pages 83-94
  10. Miriam Gerstein, Dina Yankelewitz
    Pages 95-100
  11. Suzanne Reynolds, Elizabeth B. Uptegrove
    Pages 101-113
  12. Dina Yankelewitz
    Pages 123-133
  13. Dina Yankelewitz, Baila Salb
    Pages 135-147
  14. Suzanna Schmeelk
    Pages 149-161
  15. Kenneth Horwitz, Suzanna Schmeelk
    Pages 183-192
  16. Carolyn A. Maher, Alice S. Alston, Dina Yankelewitz
    Pages 201-206
  17. Back Matter
    Pages 207-221

About this book


This book may be used for research, graduate and undergraduate teacher education, and teacher development. It presents an integrated set of studies of a heterogeneously grouped class of twenty-one nine-year olds, engaged in exploring fraction ideas prior to classroom instruction under conditions that supported investigation, collaboration and argumentation. It demonstrates with text and video narrative how young children can reason about mathematics in surprisingly sophisticated ways when provided the opportunity to do so in the proper classroom environment. In this volume, fourth grade students’ reasoning about fraction concepts is described through careful analysis and accompanying video excerpts showcasing the variety and originality of their thinking. These children will serve as an inspiration for educators to encourage the development of reasoning and argumentation in their students as part of a mathematics curriculum designed to produce critical thinkers.


Research Mathematics Reasoning Argumentation Fractions

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  • Dina Yankelewitz
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  2. 2.Pearson EducationUSA

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