Beginning Teachers

Reviewing Disastrous Lessons

  • Michael Crowhurst

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. Natalie Vallender
    Pages 13-16
  3. Michael Crowhurst
    Pages 25-27
  4. Tim Miller
    Pages 29-31
  5. Seetha Ravimandalam
    Pages 33-37
  6. Michael Crowhurst
    Pages 39-41
  7. Amy James
    Pages 43-49
  8. Tim Donovan
    Pages 51-55
  9. Luke Panaccio
    Pages 57-62
  10. Michael Crowhurst
    Pages 71-73
  11. Charlie Parkes
    Pages 75-80
  12. Mia Wotherspoon
    Pages 81-85
  13. Catherine Vallence
    Pages 87-91
  14. Michael Crowhurst
    Pages 107-109
  15. Lisa Eldridge
    Pages 111-116
  16. Michael Crowhurst
    Pages 121-121
  17. Back Matter
    Pages 123-123

About this book


In this collection of narratives, beginning teachers describe and reflect on critical incidents – classes that didn't quite go to plan. These experiences are recalled in a general way and all names and locations are fictionalized. Each narrative, while situated in a classroom, focuses on the experience of the teacher/author and sheds light on their thinking as they work through the complex event they are remembering. Beginning teachers then imagine how they might approach a similar situation in the future. While developing reflective practice techniques can support and enhance individual practice when these accounts are shared with others there is some scope for enhancing educative experiences generally. There is a long tradition of reflective practice writing in education, and this small workbook aims to make a contribution to this genre. Each reflective practitioner narrative is followed with an invitation to discussion section and periodically through the workbook sideline methodologies are introduced that readers can use to support further analysis. The beginning teacher narratives are authentic, complex and alive and as a consequence they will generate lively discussion in tutorial spaces with beginning teachers. The materials are informed by various strands of poststructural and critical theory and therefore they are intended to reflect a dialogic stance – rather than signpost specific directions.


beginning teachers reflective practice teaching practice

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