Unfit to Be a Slave

A Guide to Adult Education for Liberation

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  • David Greene

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    Pages i-xvi
  2. David Greene
    Pages 1-17
  3. David Greene
    Pages 19-41
  4. David Greene
    Pages 43-57
  5. David Greene
    Pages 59-78
  6. David Greene
    Pages 79-101
  7. David Greene
    Pages 145-149
  8. Back Matter
    Pages 151-156

About this book


Out of over 40 years of experience in adult or worker education, David Greene brings us tools to develop consciousness and leadership for social change. Based on the power of our huge working class to understand this economic system and to organize, this book aims to empower educators, students and other workers with science applied to solving the serious social problems we face today. We are confronted with the issues of low-wage, part-time and temporary jobs, inadequate housing, health care, and transportation, inequality and injustice, at the same time as the greatest concentration of wealth in human history. The disparity of wealth and control has never been greater. The only way out of this deepening crisis is through education. To change this we need understanding that is based on the clearest reflection of the real world. Unfit to Be a Slave employs the tools of theory and informed practice, to guide us to create spaces to share experience, study history’s lessons and develop consciousness. As a collective and organized force we can transform our communities, our countries and our world. Mythologies that tell people, ‘Things don’t change,’ ‘We can’t do anything,’ or ‘It has always been this way,’ prevent poor and working class populations from taking necessary action on behalf of their own lives and families. Unfit to Be a Slave is meant to be a guide to education for social change.


Adult Worker Education Education for Liberation Education for Social Change

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