Reform of Higher Education in Europe

  • J. Enders
  • H. F. de Boer
  • D. F. Westerheijden

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-vi
  2. Jürgen Enders, Harry De Boer, Jon File, Ben Jongbloed, Don Westerheijden
    Pages 1-10
  3. Marike Faber, Don Westerheijden
    Pages 11-28
  4. Andrea Kottmann
    Pages 29-43
  5. Maarja Beerkens, Hans Vossensteyn
    Pages 45-62
  6. Frans Van Vught
    Pages 63-80
  7. Arend Zomer, Paul Benneworth
    Pages 81-101
  8. Egbert De Weert
    Pages 103-122
  9. Adrie Dassen, Paul Benneworth
    Pages 123-141
  10. Harry De Boer, Jon File
    Pages 159-172
  11. Ben Jongbloed
    Pages 173-191

About this book


The volume ‘Reform of Higher Education in Europe’ is published in celebration of CHEPS’ 25th anniversary. All contributors to this book are working at CHEPS, and bring their extensive knowledge of the deep-seated reforms and changes to the field of higher education and research over the last 25 years. The chapters are each devoted to a detailed policy analysis deeply rooted in CHEPS’ quarter-century programme of theoretical and empirical research. Some contributions cover key themes of concern since CHEPS’ early years, including state-university relationships, quality assurance and funding. Other contributions cover more contemporary higher education policy issues, including European reform initiatives (innovation, the Bologna Process, doctoral training and the Erasmus programme) and debates around higher education institutions’ evolving functions, including the university’s third mission and the research function of universities of applied sciences. What unifies all chapters is their recognition that policy success is dependent on smart implementation grounded in a comprehensive understanding of highly complex policy processes. The book as a whole offers clear descriptions and analyses of how policy processes are implemented through co-ordinated institutional and stakeholder interventions. This volume seeks to enhance academic and policy-maker understanding of Europe’s evolving higher education system as it emerges as a cornerstone of the contemporary knowledge society.

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  • J. Enders
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  • H. F. de Boer
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  • D. F. Westerheijden
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