Theme Cities: Solutions for Urban Problems

  • Wayne K.D.┬áDavies

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  3. Wayne K.D. Davies, Ivan J. Townshend
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  7. Wayne K.D. Davies
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  9. Wayne K.D. Davies
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  10. Niamh Moore-Cherry
    Pages 359-379
  11. Wayne K.D. Davies
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  12. Wayne K.D. Davies
    Pages 425-475
  13. Wayne K.D. Davies
    Pages 477-531
  14. Wayne K.D. Davies
    Pages 533-561
  15. Susan Ball
    Pages 563-585
  16. Back Matter
    Pages 601-615

About this book


This book reviews a series of new urban ideas or themes designed to help make cities more liveable, sustainable, safe and inclusive. Featuring examples drawn from cities all over the world, the various chapters provide critical assessments of each of the various approaches and their potential to improve urban life.

New Urbanism: creating new areas based on a more humane scale with neighbourhood cohesion

Just Cities: creating more fairness in decision-making so all residents can participate and benefit.

Green Cities: helping places become greener with environmental rehabilitation and protection

Sustainable Cities: avoiding the waste of resources and harmful pollution in settlements

Transition Towns: developing local initiatives for more sustainable actions

Winter Cities: making cities in cold climates more comfortable and enjoyable

Resilient Cities: strengthening cities to better enable them to withstand natural hazards

Creative Cities: supporting cultural industries and attracting talented individuals

Knowledge Cities: creating, renewing and spreading knowledge and innovation

Safe Cities: ensuring that citizens are better protected against criminal actions

Healthy Cities: making improvements in the health of people in cities

Festive Cities: rediscovering the utility of festive events in settlements

Slow Cities: enhancing locally unique activities, such as local cuisines and community interactions

This volume offers a host of approaches designed to give a new direction and focus to planning policies, helping readers to fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of each potential idea. It seeks to solve the many current problems associated with urban developments, making it a valuable resource for university and college students in urban geography, urban planning, urban sociology and urban studies as well as to planners and the general public.


Building Sustainability Cittaslow City Beautification Disaster Preparedness Environmental Restoration Festival Impacts Green Infrastructure Neo-Traditional Designs New Regionalism Redistributive Urban Justice Sustainability Concepts Transition Towns Urban Agriculture Urban Crime Urban Medical Challenges Urban Resilience Winter Designs World Urban Trends

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