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Epigenetics Territory and Cancer

  • Parvin Mehdipour

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Thomas Eggermann, Ulrike Gamerdinger, Gesa Schwanitz
    Pages 1-33
  3. Ma José Serrano Fernández, Ma Jesús Alvarez-Cubero, Jose Luis García Puche, F Gabriel Ortega, Jose Antonio Lorente
    Pages 35-49
  4. Raheleh Rahbari, Laleh Habibi, Jose L. Garcia-Puche, Richard M. Badge, Jose Garcia-Perez
    Pages 51-99
  5. Mohamad Reza Eskandari, Hamid Mostafavi Abdolmaleky, Jin-Rong Zhou, Sam Thiagalingam
    Pages 137-166
  6. Parvin Mehdipour, Fatemeh Karami
    Pages 167-201
  7. Pantea Izadi, Mehrdad Noruzinia
    Pages 281-309
  8. Hassan Fazilaty, Parvin Mehdipour
    Pages 363-372
  9. Pooneh Mokarram, Mehrdad Asghari Estiar, Hassan Ashktorab
    Pages 373-455
  10. Javad Mohammadi-Asl
    Pages 479-493
  11. Mohammad Ebrahimi, Sabokhi Sharifov, Maryam Salili, Larysia Chernosova
    Pages 495-513
  12. Back Matter
    Pages 527-539

About this book


This book explores epigenetic strategies, bridging fundamental cancer epigenetics, different paradigms in tumor genetics and translational understanding for both the clinic and improved lifestyles. The work provides target-based insights for treating different types of cancers and presents research on evolutionary epigenetics, introducing ‘Medical Epi- Anthropology’ and ‘Cancer Epi-Anthropology’. Translating multi-disciplinary research into therapeutic design is at the core of this book. Readers may explore how cancer management involves unmasking the involved networks and the interactive status of different genes to achieve the appropriate methylome based therapy. Early chapters explore fundamental aspects and brain tumours, whilst later chapters investigate breast cancer and various other cancers, and the final chapter presents an evolutionary insight in cancer epigenetics, considering that the epigene is beyond DNA methylation, RNA interference and histone modification in cancer development. This book will be of interest to researchers in different medical and scientific fields, including clinical management (diagnosis, prognosis, prediction, prevention, and guidelines), genetic education, nutrition and nutrigenomics, industrial chemistry, and drug innovation. Because of the unique bridging between science and medicine this book will also be useful as an educational and translational research package.


Epigenetic/Epigenome Epigenetics in Ontogenesis Genomic/somatic Methylation Therapy

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  1. 1.Tehran University of Medical SciencesDepartment of Medical Genetics School Of MedicineTehranIran

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