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Advanced Lasers

Laser Physics and Technology for Applied and Fundamental Science

  • Oleksiy Shulika
  • Igor Sukhoivanov

Part of the Springer Series in Optical Sciences book series (SSOS, volume 193)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Daniel A. May-Arrioja, José E. Antonio-Lopez, José J. Sanchez-Mondragón, P. LiKamWa
    Pages 19-33
  3. Vl. V. Kocharovsky, A. A. Belyanin, E. R. Kocharovskaya, V. V. Kocharovsky
    Pages 49-69
  4. V. V. Kiyko, V. A. Kondratyev, S. V. Gagarsky, E. N. Ofitserov, A. G. Suzdaltsev, A. N. Sergeev et al.
    Pages 71-84
  5. Silvano Donati, Valerio Annovazzi-Lodi
    Pages 85-100
  6. A. Y. Vorobyev, Chunlei Guo
    Pages 101-115
  7. Jorge Ojeda-Castañeda, Sergio Ledesma, Emmanuel Yépez-Vidal, Cristina M. Gomez-Sarabia, Miguel Torres-Cisneros
    Pages 117-146
  8. Julián M. Estudillo-Ayala, Roberto Rojas-Laguna, Juan C. Hernández Garcia, Daniel Jauregui-Vazquez, Juan M. Sierra Hernandez
    Pages 159-172
  9. Alexis Kudryashov, Alexander Alexandrov, Alexey Rukosuev, Vadim Samarkin
    Pages 173-181
  10. I. M. Pritula, O. N. Bezkrovnaya, V. M. Puzikov, V.V. Maslov, A. G. Plaksiy, A. V. Lopin et al.
    Pages 199-212
  11. Vladislav V. Serov, Vladimir L. Derbov, Tatyana A. Sergeeva
    Pages 213-230
  12. Back Matter
    Pages 231-234

About this book


Presenting a blend of applied and fundamental research in highly interdisciplinary subjects of rapidly developing areas, this book contains contributions on the frontiers and hot topics of laser physics, laser technology and laser engineering, and covers a wide range of laser topics, from all-optical signal processing and chaotic optical communication to production of superwicking surfaces, correction of extremely high-power beams, and generation of ultrabroadband spectra. It presents both review-type contributions and well researched and documented case studies, and is intended for graduate students, young scientist, and emeritus scientist working/studying in laser physics, optoelectronics, optics, photonics, and adjacent areas. The book contains both experimental and theoretical studies, as well as combinations of these two, which is known to be a most useful and interesting form of reporting scientific results, allowing students to really learn from each contribution. The book contains over 130 illustrations.


Cryptography of Transmitted Data Electromagnetic Wave Diffraction Femtosecond Laser Graphene Plasmonics Gyrotropic Metamaterials Laser Physics and Applications Laser characterization Laser-matter interaction Metamaterials Reviewed Millimeter Waveband Optical Signal Processing Optical communications

Editors and affiliations

  • Oleksiy Shulika
    • 1
  • Igor Sukhoivanov
    • 2
  1. 1.Universidad de GuanajuatoSalamancaMexico
  2. 2.Universidad de GuanajuatoSalamancaMexico

About the editors

Oleksiy V. Shulika has received both Ph.D. degree in optics and laser physics from V. N. Karazin National University, Ukraine, in 2008 and a title of Associate Professor in 2012. His research interests are ultrafast and nonlinear photonics, THz photonics, semiconductor optics, semiconductor nanostructures, and optoelectronic devices. He is coeditor of 2 books “Terahertz and Mid Infrared Radiation: Basic Research and Practical Applications”, Springer©2011, and “Terahertz and Mid Infrared Radiation: Detection of Explosives and CBRN (Using Terahertz)”, Springer©2014.
Dr. Shulika is Member of IEEE Photonics Society, Optical Society of America, and SPIE. He is Member of the Organizing Committee of the Conference Series “International Conference on Advanced Optoelectronics and Lasers, CAOL”, NATO Advanced Research Workshop “Terahertz and Mid Infrared Radiation: Basic Research and Applications, TERA-MIR”, “International Conference on Laser and Fiber-Optical Networks Modeling, LFNM”.

Igor A. Sukhoivanov had received the Ph.D. degree in 1985, the Dr. Sc. degree in Optics and Laser Physics from V. N. Karazin National University, Kharkiv, Ukraine in 2002, and Full Professor degree in 2004. Currently he is with the Guanajuato University, Dept. Electronics, DICIS, Salamanca, Mexico, Professor Titular B., Member SNI, level II.
He is the author/coauthor of 9 book chapters and more than 130 journal papers. He is coauthor of 1 book “Photonic Crystals: Physics and Practical Modeling”Springer©2009
His research interests include photonic devices, semiconductor lasers and theory of quantum confinement structures, photonic crystal elements, ultra short pulse propagation in fibers.
Prof. Sukhoivanov is a Senior Member of the IEEE Photonics Society (IPS), and of the Opt. Society of America (OSA), member of the American Phys. Soc. (APS), and the Soc. of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE). He is Organizer and Chairman of Int. Conference on Advanced Optoelectronics and Lasers (CAOL), Int. Conference on Laser and Fiber Optical Networks Modeling, etc. He is also Co-organizer of separate topics in LEOS Summer Topicals’2008 and PHO Summer Tropicals’2010 in Mexico.

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