Experiment and Exploration: Forms of World-Disclosure

From Epistemology to Bildung

  • Sönke Ahrens

Part of the Contemporary Philosophies and Theories in Education book series (COPT, volume 6)

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About this book


This book deals with contemporary epistemological questions, connecting Educational Philosophy with the field of Science- and Technology Studies. It can be understood as a draft of a general theory of world-disclosure, which is in its core a distinction between two forms of world-disclosure: experiment and exploration. These two forms have never been clearly distinguished before. The focus lies on the experimental form of world-disclosure, which is described in detail and in contrast to the explorational form along the line of twenty-one characteristics, which are mainly derived from empirical studies of experimental work in the field of natural sciences. It can also be understood as an attempt to integrate elements of the Anglo-Saxon Philosophy of Science with elements of the German tradition of Educational Philosophy. This is also reflected in the style of writing. In accordance to the content-level of the book, the argument for experimental forms of world-disclosure is written in an essayistic, readable style, which can be understood as an experimental form of writing.

This book is a translation of the doctoral thesis 'Experiment und Exploration. Bildung als experimentelle Form der Welterschließung' (summa cum laude). The thesis was published in German in 2010 by Transcript (Bielefeld) in the series called 'Theorie Bilden', edited by Prof. Dr. Hannelore Faulstich-Wieland, Prof. Dr. Hans-Christoph Koller, Prof. Dr. Karl-Josef Pazzini and Prof. Dr. Michael Wimmer. ​


Anglo-Saxon Philosophy of Science Beginnings of experimental science Bildung Contemporary epistemological questions Deconstruction Empirical science- and technology studies Experimental form of world-disclosure Experimental world-disclosure Explorational form of world-disclosure Explorational world-disclosure Failure as a concept German tradition of Educational Philosophy Pedagogy and educational philosophy Science- and Technology Studies Subversive nature of technology System Theory Theoretical paradox of world-disclosure Theory of world-disclosure Transformational processes of Bildung Transformative Learning World-disclosure

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