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Pesticide Toxicity to Non-target Organisms

Exposure, Toxicity and Risk Assessment Methodologies


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The pesticide should cause effect on the target pests and be selective enough to spare the non-target beneficial. The book deals with the pesticide toxicity to predators, parasitoids and microbes which are used for pest management in the agroecosystem. The other beneficials exposed to pesticides are pollinators, earthworms, silkworm and fishes. The book contains information on the modes of pesticide exposure and toxicity to the organisms, sub-lethal effects of insecticides and method of toxicity assessment, risk assessment of pesticidal application in the field. The purpose of the work is to compile and present the different procedures to assess pesticide poising in organisms related to the agroecosystem along with discussions on risk assessment procedures with clear comparison of toxicity of pesticides to target pests and non target beneficial organisms.


Pesticide Modes of exposure Non target organisms Risk assessment Toxicity

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  1. 1.Indian Council of Agricultural ResearchVivekananda Institute of Hill AgricultureAlmoraIndia
  2. 2.Tamil Nadu Agricultural UniversityFloriculture Research StationKanyakumariIndia

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